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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Need This Card

I see that on eBay, 2013 Topps Update has hit the shelves... somewhere.

Not sure if it's reached my neck of the woods yet, and I probably won't be able to check until sometime tomorrow or Friday.

Glancing at a checklist here (thanks for the link, Mark), I found out that there are only five Padre cards in the set.  Kind of a bummer, though there are a few Gwynn's and Gyorko's in the insert mix as well.  Still, of the five, I think they added the right ones.

The checklist:

US74 - Kyle Blanks
US97 - Alexi Amarista
US112 - Luke Gregerson
US294 - Chris Denorfia
US299 - Ian Kennedy

If I could switch one out, I'd swap Ian Kennedy with Nick Vincent, the Padres setup-setup man out of the bullpen and San Diego native.  Or even Eric Stults.  But the Padres don't make many trade deadline deals, so documenting it in the update set makes sense enough, and the other four guys were definitely worthy of their spot.

Anyways, from what I've seen on eBay, I think all of the cards look great, really a solid job on Topps' part.  But there was one in particular that jumped out at me...

This card needs to be mine.


  1. That's fun card! Now it's on my want list as well!