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Monday, October 21, 2013

Here's Looking At You, Kid

Yesterday was sort of a rough day for my daughter.  She's been a little grumpier lately, quicker to get fussy and throw a fit.  This may just be typical two and a half year old behavior, but she's usually been a pretty happy kid, so I've been feelin' for her lately.

We ate dinner at a friend's house last night, so we got back a little late, and her routine was thrown off, so she was a bit of a mess as we tried to brush teeth and go to bed.  After saying prayers, she was still a just kind of whining and complaining, so I went in and knelt next to her bed and stroked her hair.

When she was a baby, I'd rock her to sleep by singing one of my favorite songs (at the time), which was "Here's Looking At You, Kid", by a band called The Gaslight Anthem.  Now I don't sing as much.  She shares a room with her baby brother, so we usually just do prayers and then a quick story or two before going to bed.

Well, I decided to sing to her again, which seemed to soothe her a little bit.  After I was done, I laid down on the floor next to her and watched her fall asleep.

I know that this has very little nothing to do with baseball or baseball cards, but here are the only two cards I have of "The Kid" Gary Carter, one from 1977 Topps, the other from 2012 Topps Archives.  

Just wanted write this down to remember what it was like singing to her when she was still a little girl.  She seems to be growing up so fast and will probably be embarrassed of me soon.  But she is so great.  I love that girl.

Just like looking at Padre cards from the 90's reminds me of being a kid listening to Jerry Coleman call the game on the radio, listening to this song will always remind me of rocking her to sleep and thinking how blessed I was to have her.

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  1. I am quite sure that Gary would appreciate being associated with a nice, family-centric post like this.