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Friday, October 18, 2013

Form Letter

I've been getting so many awesome card packages from Jason, a pretty generous card collector, that I'm running out of ways to say "hey man, thanks a lot for all those awesome cards."  I literally can't think of any other ways to say thanks, other than sending all the Red Sox cards I have to him.  While I've been a little too busy to stop by the post office before it closes at 4:40 pm, I decided that I'd draft up a form letter that I can fill in, because the dude is awesome.

Dear Jason,

Hey man, thanks a lot for all the cards that you've been sending, they've all been          awesome         .

It's always great to make additions to my         Steve Finley        player collection.  Can't have too many of those.

The additions to my Miscellaneous Padres binder were also awesome.  I mean, just look at         Ryan Klesko         and       his killer sideburns      .  And this         Rickey Henderson card is         a definite must-have.  

The big stack of             2010 Topps          was also greatly appreciated.  Even though      I already had most of the set       , it gave me the idea to           start a binder for all of my cards that have the Padres in their camouflage uniforms      .  These look good together.

Oh my gosh!!!  How could I forget that        sweet       autograph card of         Chris Denorfia      ?!  I'd seen a few of these, but I never was able to pull the trigger on them, thanks again for sending it.  It's my _____first         autographed card of        Denorfia's      , but I've been meaning to do some TTM autographs at some point.  Maybe later.

Well, I guess maybe a form letter is a little weak in expressing my appreciation, so I'll keep finding ways to say it.  Thanks again Jason!

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