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Monday, October 14, 2013

Contest - Top 50 Padre Cards of the 90's

Hey there!  Been a while since I last did a contest.  I believe that the last one was when my son Foster was born in December, and you had to guess what his name was going to be based on some cardboard clues (the right card was Alan Foster's 1976 Topps card, BTW).

Well, I don't know if this one will be easier or harder, but here it goes!

Now that I have my order in from justcommons.com, I have the final pieces for my Top 50 Padre Cards of the 90's countdown.  To win, you will have to answer a few questions about what the Top 50 will contain:

1. How many Tony Gwynn cards will there be?
2. Besides Tony (he has the most cards in the countdown), which three Padres will be the best represented in the countdown?  Place them in order from most to least.
3. As a (maybe?) tiebreaker, name one Padre that will only have one card on the countdown.

So, for example, your entry could be...

1. 29
2. Donne Wall, Wally Whitehurst, and Wiki Gonzalez
3. Rickey Henderson

Just to show how tough it was to whittle it down to the Top 50, here is the last card that was left off...

Can't say that I feel great about leaving this one off, but there's no looking back now, Tony.  We'll be seeing plenty of you once the countdown gets rolling.

I'd like to have the first post up on Wednesday morning, so get your guesses into the comments before then.  I'll be breaking down the countdown into groups of five, so there will be ten posts altogether.  I'll announce the winner after that, but if there is still a tie, I'll get it settled before the final post, and it will be something about the final five.

Clear as mud?  Alright.  Winner gets a rack pack of their choice of cards from whatever happens to be on the Walmart shelves at the time of the announcement, along with some other cards from my trade box that I might match some of your collecting habits.

Good luck!  Go Padres!  Go 90's!


  1. 1. 21
    2. Bip Roberts, Benito Santiago, Fred McGriff
    3. Brad Ausmus

  2. 1. 11
    2. Trevor Hoffman, Jake Peavy, Ken Caminiti
    3. Mark Loretta

  3. 1. 18
    2. Greg Vaughn, Ken Caminiti, Trevor Hoffman
    3. Cianfrocco

  4. 1. 15
    2. Trevor Hoffman, Benito Santiago, Ozzie Smith
    3. Fred Mc Griff

  5. 1. 12
    2. Trevor Hoffman, Bip Roberts, Eric Show
    3. Eric Owens

  6. 1. 13
    2. Trevor Hoffman, Ken Caminiti, Bip Roberts
    3. Fred McGriff

  7. 1. 9
    2. Joyner, Hoffman, Steve Finley
    3. Phil Clark

  8. 1) Nine Tony G cards

    2) Winfield, Hoffman, Templeton

    3) Willie McCovey

  9. 1) 25
    2) Ken Caminiti, Trevor Hoffman, Steve Finley
    3) Kevin Brown

  10. 1. 19
    2. Santiago, Hoffman, Finley
    3. Kyle Blanks (2012 Topps)

  11. 1. 17 Tony Gwynn cards
    2. Trevor Hoffman, Benito Santiago, Andy Ashby
    3. Fernando Valenzuela

  12. 1) 13 Gwynns
    2) Steve Finley, Benito Santiago, Archi Cianfrocco
    3) Bip Roberts


  13. 1.16
    2. Trevor Hoffman, Jake Peavy, Benito Santiago
    3. Carlos Quieten

  14. 1. 12
    2. Ken Caminiti, Steve Finley and Trevor Hoffman
    3. Andy Ashby

  15. 1. 19
    2. Benito Santiago, Fred McGriff, Trevor Hoffman
    3. Wally Joyner

  16. 1. 20
    2. Trevor Hoffman, Fred McGriff, Gary Sheffield
    3. Derrek Lee

  17. 1. 17
    2. Trevor Hoffman, Archi Cianfrocco, Steve Finley
    3. Andy Benes