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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A New Quest

Last year when 2012 Topps Archives had fifty cards that featured the 1971 Topps design, I decided to have that be a group that I was going to chase after.  While not overly difficult, I'm not much of a "collect the whole set of something" kind of guy - I mostly just stick to my Padres - so I thought it was a pretty decent accomplishment when I finally tracked 'em all down.

Well, now that the Update set has these sweet looking '71 style mini's, I think I'm going to try to go after those as well.  This will probably be a more challenging task than the Archives set.  Even though there are still 50 cards to go after, that they are inserts will make them harder to come by.

So far, these are the five that I've been able to snag out of packs, and Robert from $30 A Week Habit has been kind enough to offer me four that he pulled recently (Adam Jones, David Wright, Don Mattingly, and Clayton Kershaw), so I only need 41 more.  Only.

Well, I guess this is the official begging post - if you have any of these that you wouldn't mind parting with, let me know and I'll see what I can scrounge up to offer in trade.  I'd like to reach out to my blogging buddies before having to (possibly) snag the final few off an online source.

Does anybody else like these?  I mean, I'm not crazy about them, and I can understand those who are getting tired of the whole "modern players on vintage design" concept, but I guess I'm just a sucker for those jet black borders.  And they don't annoy me like mini cards can annoy me sometimes.  Haven't seen these getting much love on other blogs, so wanted to check the temperature of the handful of people who sometimes comment on here.

Here's the checklist that I still need to track down...

TM-1 Bryce Harper
TM-2 Babe Ruth
TM-3 Derek Jeter
TM-4 Bo Jackson
TM-5 Ken Griffey, Jr.
TM-6 Miguel Cabrera
TM-7 Mike Trout
TM-8 Joe Mauer
TM-9 Robinson Cano
TM-10 Joey Votto
TM-11 Justin Upton
TM-12 Andrew McCutchen
TM-13 Prince Fielder
TM-14 Troy Tulowitzki
TM-16 Jackie Robinson
TM-17 Hyun-Jin Ryu
TM-18 Justin Verlander
TM-19 Dustin Pedroia
TM-22 Evan Longoria
TM-24 Greg Madden
TM-26 Mariano Rivera
TM-27 Stan Musial
TM-28 Johnny Bench
TM-29 Mike Schmidt
TM-30 Cal Ripken, Jr.
TM-31 Yasiel Puig
TM-32 Carlos Gonzalez
TM-33 Buster Posey
TM-34 Yu Darvish
TM-35 Paul Goldschmidt
TM-36 Felix Hernandez
TM-37 David Ortiz
TM-38 Will Clark
TM-40 Nomar Garciaparra
TM-42 Roberto Clemente
TM-43 Frank Thomas
TM-45 Stephen Strasburg
TM-46 George Brett
TM-48 Jay Bruce
TM-49 Matt Harvey
TM-50 Manny Machado

Oh, and if anybody knows why the Rays, A's, and Rangers all have the trademark "TM" by the name and the Cardinals and Marlins have the "circled R", don't hide your knowledge from me.  Is the difference because they're in different leagues?  Does the DH have anything to do with the trademark?


  1. It's not much, but I have a Cano mini (#9) that I'll include in my next package to you.

  2. Every little bit helps! Thanks man!

  3. I have probably 7-10 I can send your way. I left them at my office, but I'll shoot you an email tomorrow with the numbers.

  4. I can send you 11, 18, 26, 29, and 37.

    1. Awesome! I just sent a package out to you today with some more decent stuff than the last one I sent. Thanks!

  5. After looking through your needs list and the comments to see who has what for you, here's what I'm sending: 8, 12, 28, 30, 35 and 45. I still have some cards to sort through, so I may have more later.

  6. Sorted my other cards, and I have a few more for you: 3, 4, 6, 24, 31, 48 and 50. Will try to remember to drop them in the mail tomorrow morning!