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Friday, September 6, 2013


A quick trade post for your Friday morning!  From none other than Marck from the Collective Troll blog.  Not sure what he's been up to, but glad he came out from under his bridge to do some blogging recently.  He had a bunch of Ginter for trade, as well as having a decent sized want list, so I emailed him and set up the trade.

Wish I had been as quick to send out my end as he was, but it'll get there soon.

Anyways, the Neptune card from the "One Little Corner" set draws me to within three of completion.  Not too shabby, right?  I considered making a joke about how I was still in search of Uranus, but this is a classy blog.

 Not trying to put the set together, I cherry picked some singles off his trade list.  I'm not sure how elite Bryce Harper is considered to be, but I still like his hustle.  I've been a fan of Derek Holland since watching him in the 2011 postseason.  And for rocking the horrible mustache for so long.  Chris Davis is a stud, and I saw him play in the minors, so he makes the cut as well.

It might be sacrilegious to say that I wasn't a big fan of the movie "42", but I just wasn't.  Of course, it's a great story, but as a movie, I think I was expecting a little more.  Still, as much as I hate the Dodgers, Jackie Robinson is the man.

Last but not least, a few A&G back minis of some Cooperstown residents.  Harmon Killebrew was very much before my time, but my dad went to his house once for a church activity when he was a kid, and I always thought that was pretty cool.  The very first baseball glove that I remember having was one from a place called Play It Again Sports.  It was used and it had Jim Palmer's signature printed on the inside.  Since I was playing for the Orioles and I was a pitcher, I thought it was pretty cool.

Thanks again for the trade Marck!

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  1. Biting my tongue with Uranus jokes, but don't want to make a stink on your blog.

    Yeah, I was a bit underwhelmed by 42 as well. Maybe because I had just recently watched the Ken Burns Baseball section on Jackie.