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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Junkiest of Wax

While sifting through my unfinished drafts, I found this discarded post about a box of 1994 Score "Rookie & Traded" cards I got at City Wide Garage Sale in Austin last month.  Obviously, I was a little less than enthused with the contents, or I would've finished this much earlier.

The set is a pretty small one (165 cards), and with 360 cards in a box (10 cards per 36 packs), I thought it'd be a sure bet that I'd be able to complete the set.  No dice.  There were a decent amount of Padres in the set, but most were of the "rookie" variety, and very few of them actually actually panned out.  

The best base card of the lot would have to go to Bip Roberts.  The Bipper has some good cards out there, and this one is sharp looking as well, despite the garish red border... along with the yellow and turquoise touches.  Can't have too many cards of Bip.

There were non-Padres additions to binders, in the form of Chris Gomez and Brian Harper.  I'm pretty sure that Gomez has more cards during his days in Detroit than he does in San Diego, so he's one that I toss into the "keeper" pile when I come across him.  And I'm a sucker for cards of Harper in catcher's gear.  Pulled so many of them as a kid, so I like when it still happens now.  Also, here's the difference between the "rookie" and the "traded" cards: the rookies have the little rookie logo on the bottom, and there are two pictures of them on the front.  The backs aren't too bad, even with two pictures on the back, they still manage to have a decent amount of space for stats, etc.

Probably The coolest cards out of the whole set are the "Gold Rush" cards.  They come one in every pack, and I was able to nab this pair of Padres.  Though I still hold more of a grudge than I should against Melvin Nieves, there's no denying that this is a sweet looking card.  Scott Sanders probably had the best career of any of the "rookies" in this set, so this was a nice grab as well.

Overall, if I could do it again, I probably wouldn't.  The box was cheap enough ($7) to not have any major buyers remorse, and the gold cards are ones that I might never have snagged otherwise.  Still, the design is pretty downright ugly, and the amount of duplicates was staggering.  They'll be good for padding trade packages, however, which was one of the purposes of picking it up, so it'll serve it's purpose there.

If there's an outside chance that somebody has needs from this set, lemme know.  I've already mailed out a few packages with these in them, but I have to think that I still have the majority of this set up for trade.


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    1. Ditto. These don't look like the regular 1994 Score set... or at least I don't think they do.

  2. as long as you got a bunch of Braves, then it was a great box.