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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Goods

I've read a few posts by Night Owl in which he states that the main reason that he follows so many blogs and (and keeps writing his own) is to connect with people who will hook him up with Dodgers cards.  He says it in a much more eloquent way, of course, but this is the gist of his statement.  Of course, there are other reasons he writes, I'm sure, but people sending you cards of your favorite team is a pretty decent bonus.

Such has been the case with an awesome collector named Jason.  I've showed off cards from Jason at least four separate times, and each time the cards have been varied.  Oddballs, cards for player collections, team sets, you name it.  On Monday I got two more packages to add to the collection.  The first one had a theme to it...

There's probably a better word to use than "fancy" but all the cards in the first package were pretty fancy.  In fact, of the four cards in the first package, this was probably the one I was least stoked about, and this is a pretty sweet card.  As I uploaded this image, Heath Bell was actually pitching against the Padres, and he hit our short stop in the head, so time has not been kind to Heath, but I loved him as a Padre.  This is my first, um... quad relic?  I'm sure there's a better word for it than that, but I'm not that fancy.

Trevor Hoffman rookie card!  Coming in at #3 in the package!  Normally this would be higher, but that's how good everything was.  Digging the Little League look here, as there is no name on Hoffy's jersey and it looks like the cap he's wearing is a snap back, not the "pro fit" like all the cool kids wore in LL.  I kinda figured Trevor for an "out of left field" prospect, not a "top" prospect, mostly because he bounced from Cincinnati to Florida before finally landing in San Diego.  But it looks like the geniuses at Upper Deck thought he had the goods early on.

Oh Yonder Alonso.  My pre-season favorite player has had a rough year, putting up some subpar power numbers and being injured for a few months.  Not sure if he's still "the future" at first or if we'll be seeing somebody else in that spot in the next couple of years, but for now I still like him and hope he can stay healthy next year.  Freak hand injury from a hit by pitch, nothing chronic like an arm or a leg.  Anyways, I'm not big on this year's Gypsy Queen, but there is no denying this card.  Flat out awesome.

My favorite by far, however, was this Khalil Greene autograph.  This is my first Greene autograph, and the dude's got a decent signature, looks good here.  After a mini-autograph spree the last few months, it might seem like that's all I'm after, but I think having one of each of the Padres that I really like is good enough for me.

The second package had a complete set of 1992 Fleer.  While I have another (somewhat neglected) blog dedicated to the 1991 Fleer set, 1992 Fleer is a set that I ripped a lot of as a kid.  I'm guessing it was because it was cheap, as I wasn't a big fan of the green border, now or then.  Still, there were some cards I wanted for my binders, including these three.  I already had the "big" names from the set (Gwynn, McGriff, Benes), but I like the angle of this Jose Melendez card, and who doesn't love Bruce Hurst.  Turns out that I already had this Bip card, but it's great too.

Thanks again for the great haul, Jason.  Very awesome stuff all around.

EDIT: After putting this together, I flipped the Hoffman card around to check out the back...

and I might need to reevaluate the list again, because Hoffman jumping rope in those short shorts is just too awesome.


  1. I remember when shorts like that were normal, even a little long by shorts standards.

    Nice stuff! Does Jason trade Griffeys?

  2. Pretty sweet. I picked up that Khalil auto a few weeks ago. Never knew about that Trevor card though I bought a fair number of packs of that set back then (got the Jeter.. kinda cool.)

  3. I love minor league cards, and that Hoffman is definitely one for my want list. The shorts are pretty short, but not "NBA in the 1970's" short.

    Adjustable caps were pretty common in the minors in the 1980's and early 1990's - that was before they discovered the money there is in MERCHANDISING!