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Thursday, September 19, 2013


I've been getting mailers from Jason, an awesome Red Sox fan and card collector who has been graciously donating Padres to my collection at a pretty decent clip recently.  I mean, I've sent him a small stack of Red Stockings in return, but that balance is still heavily tilted in my favor.  

It almost makes me feel bad, I feel like I'm taking advantage of somebody and their charity, but Jason assures me that it is not a problem in the slightest.  Because he is awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that he says he's making a move to the Lone Star State in the near future, though still not in my neighborhood (it's a pretty large place, Texas).

Anyways, one of the packages that he sent had this Tony Gwynn tin (or Gwynn tynn, as it will be called in my collection), from 1997 Donruss Preferred.  Which got me thinking about things that I prefer...

I prefer my cards to have logos on them.  In some cases, I make exceptions for things like early 90s oddballs (think about the stuff that came with cereal boxes and cupcakes), but for the most part, I need a logo, because I'm a team collector, not a color collector.  I mean, did they have to completely airbrush Chase Headley's jersey?  I'm pretty sure that the Padres have no solid blue jersey, there's gotta be at least some piping or trim or... something else on the jersey, right?

Still, even more than I prefer cards with logos on them I prefer Pinnacle.  1992 Pinnacle Series 1 was the first set I ever completed (with 1991 Fleer being the second, and last), and that was a great set.  This episode of Pinnacle is pretty similar in design, which I can appreciate.  The backs of the '92 set were way better, though I guess they wanted to avoid more airbrushing on the second photo.

I also prefer gold.  Usually of the Topps variety, since those '92 and '93 gold cards were so hard to come by as a kid.  I had never heard of Score's "Hall of Gold" parallels, and while I can't say that they make the base card look that much better, I also prefer adding to my Player Collections, which is what I did here with Tony and Andy.

Despite my feelings towards the Archives brand, I do prefer modern cards with throwback designs.  In this case, these 10th Anniversary Upper Deck cards with Tony Gwynn and Ken Caminiti look slick.  Very shiny, and I can never get enough of the orange and blue 90s Pads.

I definitely prefer adding to my Khalil Greene player collection.  While there are still a zillion and a half Gwynn cards to chase after, I passed the 300 mark a while back, so I feel like that's a sturdy pillar in my binders.  Khalil, however, despite being a rookie during a time that tons of cards were being produced, seems pretty underrepresented in my Player Collection binder.  If my records are to be believed (I can't say that they're the most reliable), this is #45 into the binder.  Not too shabby, but still work to be done.

If you've read the blog, you'll know that there are an extremely small number of Dodgers in my binders.  So when it comes to Fernando Valenzuela cards, I prefer that he be wearing Padre blue and not Dodger blue.  Even better, I prefer Fernando cards as a Padre with captions on the back written in Spanish.  I knew that Pacific was good for something!  Especially appropriate that the even that's written about on the back is when he got the win for the first regular season game played outside of the United States/Canada.

I prefer my card backs to inform me with stats, but also use the space for more pictures.  The 90s were a great time for this.  In this instance, we see a bunting Benes and a sweet swinging Wally Joyner, who looks better on the back of this card than he does on the front.  

When it comes to uniforms, it's hard to get more boring than the Padres current look.  Basically a copy of the Brewers, though I prefer the Padres slightly more than the Brew Crew.  Still, looking back at these '82 Donruss cards, it's hard not to prefer the yellow.  While I'm a big proponent of the "Bring Back The Brown" movement in San Diego (something that current ownership seems to be turning a deaf ear to), the yellow is what stands out most to me with these.

My wife commented on the amount of packages that I've been receiving lately, and she said "Do you always know that these are coming to you, or are they surprises?"  Well, sometimes I know they're on their way, other times they just show up, but I'll tell you one thing - it's a much preferred way of adding to the collection.  Better than busting packs or relying on eBay.

You guys are great.  Thanks again Jason!


  1. I couldn't agree more about the current Padres unis. They were dreadfully plain to watch this week at PNC Park.

    The Pirates used the batting Friar logo with an odd white/blue color scheme on the jumbotron during batter introductions. It looked...so wrong.

  2. I'm definitely down... with Bring Back The Brown!