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Monday, September 9, 2013

Not Much of a Chase

If you're like me, you find the "Chasing History" inserts in this year's Topps set pretty lame.

While they could've used a much better/older shot of Mr. Padre, what I found interesting is on the back...

Looky there kids!  If you work your way up the ladder in the Padres organization, you could be second on the list for career hits!  Then you'd need a little more than 2,000 to catch up to Tony!

While I don't mind getting a reminder of how awesome Tony Gwynn is, I'm not sure if he was really "chasing history" here, since he accomplished the feat in 1988 and kept on playing for the Padres for more than a decade after that.

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  1. Yeah... not sure what Topps was thinking when they overloaded their products packs with these inserts. At least make them one per box, so it's a challenge to build the set. I see these inserts in dime boxes left and right.