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Friday, September 20, 2013

I Recognize That Guy!

A while back, I recieved a Jake Peavy "Prospects" card from 2001 Topps.  I can't remember what trade package I pulled it out of (if you were the sender, go ahead and state your claim in the comments), but there were a few different things that stuck out to me when I checked it out.

The most obvious should be that Topps misspelled Peavy's last name, adding an unnecessary "e".  I understand alternate spellings of first names (my Archi Cianfrocco collection includes one "Arcie Cianfrocco"), but a last name?  C'mon, man!  The other thing that stuck out to me about Mr. Peavey was the sweet blue and orange uniform, despite the fact that he looks like a little leaguer wearing it.  I've always associated Peavy with the "sand" colored Padres, but I forget that very early in his career, there was still a little orange in the Friar uniform.

The main thing that made this card stick out to me, however, were Jake's cardboard neighbors.  I had never heard of Derwin Cubillan (trust me, that's a name I would've remembered hearing about), but the name Phil Wilson was ringing bells big time.  But where did I recognize the guy from?

Oh yeah!  We went to the same high school!

I guess I could've shown the back, but since it only states that Wilson was born in Charleston, West Virginia, it didn't really give me any clues about his high school days.  But sure enough, baseball-reference.com shows that he was a graduate of Poway High in 1999, the same year that the Angels took him with their third round pick.

Can't say that I knew Wilson that well, or even at all.  Not sure where I heard of him, since he was a senior when I was a freshman, and I definitely wasn't in any advanced classes in high school.  But somewhere I must've seen him and heard that he was good at baseball, because I definitely recognize him and like I said, the name was ringing bells.

Anyways, kind of a cool card to come across, even though he'd never make it to the majors.  He'd spend seven seasons in the minors racking up a 5.09 ERA between A ball, AA, and an independent league.  He's not quite up there with "the best" Poway High graduates, of which there are four that made it to the majors (80s All-Star pitcher Dave Smith, current Padres hitting coach Phil Plantier, son of a Hall of Famer and current Dodgers minor leaguer Anthony Gwynn Jr., and a guy named Thomas Neal who I'd never heard of but is currently on the DL with the Cubs), but he made it onto a baseball card, which is more than most of them can say.


  1. Phil Plantier also has the most home runs of any player born in New Hampshire.

  2. I always like the pinstriped with orange and blue Padres uniform of the 90s.

  3. Cool story. I started collecting guys who attended my high school a few years ago. Unfortunately, there really wasn't anyone big who attended at the same time as me.