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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dueling Trades

Trade fight!

I got two packages recently from some quality bloggers, the guys from the Chip 'n' Dale and My Cardboard Habit blogs.  In an effort to catch up on trade/charity posts, I've paired these two together (and kind of against each other).

Which trade package will prevail?  Stick around to find out!

In this corner, we have the young contender from Alabama, big time Bravos fan, James!

Dr. J leads off with a swift punch to the gut with this slick Peavy in high socks.  Starting Peavy early in the fight is always a good call, just make sure you stay clear of any jabs to the ribs, his are made of glass.

He follows up with a one-two punch of shininess.  This blood red Luebke is appropriate for this matchup, while the Gregerson just looks good.  Can't get enough of those sparkly cards from the 2011 set.

He finishes up with a triple Murphy combination!  Oh the humanity!  Being a Braves fan, he's got to have lots of Murph doubles lying around, and on this predominantly Padres blog, it was very unexpected!  Will this be enough to prevail?

Announcer: Well Chuck, I was talking with Judson before the match, and the guy is the definition of a  competitor.  He lives for this.

Wow!  You knew that he was going to come out of the gate swinging, but dropping this Gyorko (blue ice?) right off the bat?  Very impressive!  This is the first this blog has seen of any of this year's Bowman Platinum set, and the digital camo has never looked better!

And here's the change up!  From the sparkly to the... balding middle aged man in a suit and tie?  How can you prepare for this?  So unpredictable!  Right off the want list, but who saw this one coming?  Allen & Ginter is an unpredictable set, and this is definitely a quirky card.

And here's the finish!  Talk about fireworks!  Well, I guess technically this is a comet, but still, it sure is pretty, isn't it?  This gets me to within two of completing the "One Little Corner" set.  Not too shabby.

The judges are conferring, let's see what they say.  It looks like the winner is...

Me!  Because these are now mine!  No losers here (well, depending on how you feel about a guy in his late 20's getting excited about baseball cards - I realize I might've set that one up a little too easy for some of you)!

Thanks a lot Judson and James!  You guys are alright in my book.

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