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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cards from Jason, a Top 10

This is another installment of showing off cards sent my way from Jason, a Sox fan from Massachusetts who has been extremely generous in donating Padres to my collections.  I sent off a bubble mailer to him yesterday with a meager amount of Red Stockings, but I'll keep him on my radar for future Sox cards.

Anyways, usually I'm able to kind of categorize the different cards that come my way in packages, but this particular one happened to be mostly (if not completely) geared towards my player collections.  Instead of showing one or two of each player, I've decided to go ahead and list my top ten favorite cards from the whole thing.

As a disclaimer, even though there are no Tony Gwynn cards in this countdown, there were a few in the package.  When Mr. Padre gets shut out, you know we're talking about some quality cardboard here.

10 - Wally Joyner 1996 Pinnacle Zenith
I'm a big fan of the Pinnacle brand, and I don't have nearly enough cards of Brother Joyner in my collection, so this was great.  While the bats in the background make it just a little busy, the black background looks sharp.  I feel like this photo doesn't quite to this one justice.

9 - Trevor Hoffman 1998 Fleer Tradition
Not many cards that you see of (future) Hall of Famers sitting on the dirt with a water bottle.  Looking at it a few more times, I guess it doesn't seem that weird, but when I first saw it, I thought it stood out.

8. Steve Finley 1994 Score
The lone non-Padre card in the bunch, but it's of my all-time favorite Friar, Steve Finley.  The best Finley cards are ones of him in the outfield.  There are nowhere near enough of these, so this is a welcome addition to the binder.

7. Trevor Hoffman 2002 Upper Deck Vintage
If you know me (well, you know, not personally, but through this blog), you know that I love the '71 Topps design and it's black borders.  More than forty years later, Upper Deck ripped it off completely and... it looks good.  The only difference is that they put the nameplate on the bottom instead of the top.  What a bunch of unoriginal jerks.  Recycling old designs, who ever heard of such a thing?

6. Steve Finley 1998 Pacific Paramount
What?  How did Pacific sneak into the top ten?  Well, defying the rules of sweet Finley cards having to be next to the outfield wall, this shot of Fins ripping one opposite field makes the cut.  Great use of the horizontal shot.

5. Trevor Hoffman 1998 Metal Universe
The second thing I noticed about this card is the incredibly small amount of Hoffman's face that is visible.  Pretty much just nose and goatee.  The third thing I noticed is the sweet looking late 90s blue and orange uniforms.  I'm a sucker for these, despite my preference of the Padres natural color (brown).  The first thing I noticed, however, is the best part of this card: the San Diego coastline.

4. Wally Joyner 1998 Pacific Collection
WHAT???  Pacific makes it to two spots in the countdown?  As much as I dislike Pacific as a brand, this is a great card.  Once again, great use of the horizontal template, and the shot of Joyner casually tiptoeing around a sprawled Mike Piazza as he's speeding towards home is sa-weet!  This should probably be higher, but I'm not always reasonable.

3 - Jack Murphy Stadium 1994 Score
Yes, the number 3 card is of a stadium that doesn't even exist anymore.  Well, I mean, it's been re-named and modified and doesn't even host baseball games anymore, so it's basically dead to me.  Despite it's warts, I loved going to the Murph to watch the Padres play.  Petco Park is beautiful, but the Murph was easier to get to, easier to park at, and generally cheaper to buy tickets for.  I will always love it.

2. Steve Finley 1995 Emotion
While this may appeal to me because I liked to think that I once had a head of hair like Finley's (that time is long past), the Emotion set has some pretty good photography, and this is no exception.  While I usually prefer my cards to be a little more "action packed", Superhero Steve seems as if he's being summoned by the Steve Signal, a sign that Bruce Bochy would use to summon him to the plate.

1 - Steve Finley 1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated
Okay, while the lack of design is a little bothersome, this is a great shot of Fins doing what I knew him to do best - take away hits.  While there is no way of knowing what game this was taken from, my gut tells me that he caught it and it was awesome.

Well, there you have it.  Can't say that I'm married to the order, but when I eventually get around to the "Best Padre Cards Countdown", there will definitely be some representatives from this post.  Lots of great stuff Jason!  Thanks a bunch.  


  1. That 98 Metal Universe Hoffman card is awesome! I saw this set at the flea market this weekend for $5 and passed. WTH was I thinking?

  2. Love that '98 Pacific Joyner. Great "play at the plate" shot.

  3. The world needs more ballpark cards.