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Thursday, September 5, 2013

$900 Pickup!

Some of you may remember that on my birthday at the beginning of August, my family and I took a trip down to San Antonio to catch a Missions game.  On our way down, we stopped in Austin to go swimming in Barton Springs, whereupon I lost my wedding band.  While it was a major bummer, we still managed to have a good trip.

Before leaving however, I left my name and number with the staff there and let them know what I had lost.

Well, fast forward to last Friday, and I get a call from the groundskeeper at Barton Springs and...


Truly a miracle!  While I'm not one to put a big emphasis on material things, I am SO glad to get this back!  I can't really put into words how important my marriage is to me, but I'm glad to have the symbol of our commitment to and love for one another back in my possession.

Oh, and to reference the title, it was going to be pricey to replace, due to inflation and because we no longer had my sister-in-law's hefty Zales discount.  So this saved us about $900 (my wife was insistent that we get same ring as before, which would've been a major strain on the budget), even though the original price was in the $300s.

Well, anyways, I decided to head back down to Austin the next day after getting the call, and since my wife was taking care of our little guy, I took Harper down with me.  We had intended to just grab the ring and head back home, but on our way out, she saw the Zilker Zephyr, a little train that runs around Zilker Park.

Now, I don't have a problem saying "No" when I need to.  But she was so sweet and excited, and it was so fun, I had to say yes.

She was excited, and then decided to get camera shy.

After getting off the train, we trudged back to the car in the 100 degree heat.  Like I said, my wife was still at home with our youngest, and it's about an hour and a half at least to get back from Austin.  Time to get home.  Well, I ended up calling my wife and asked/told her that we'd be going for a quick swim too, because it just felt gross.

This time I kept the ring in the locked car.

A good call on my part.  The water was cold but felt nice and refreshing, and Harper had a blast.  Afterwards we stopped by P. Terry's for some good burgers and then bought my wife some nice desserts at Whole Foods before heading home.  Harper fell asleep to the sound of the Longhorns beating the crap out of New Mexico State.  All in all, a pretty good day.


  1. Congrats on getting the ring back!

  2. You lucked out with some very nice and honest people. Gives you a little glow of hope for humanity.

    It also reminded me of a story without a happy ending when it comes to a wedding ring. About 6 months after my college roommate got married, we were playing tackle football out on a muddy and snowy field. About two hours in, my buddy noticed he didn't have his ring. Then 12 guys searched every inch of a huge open field looking for that ring and we never did find it. I did not envy him having to go home to his new wife and tell her he lost his wedding ring. I guess the happy ending is they are still married 12 years later and have two beautiful kids. Oh, and he always takes off his ring before we do anything strenuous.

  3. That's awesome, man. Happy for ou! (Other than having to listen to the UT game)

  4. Congratulations on getting your ring back! That's definitely the pickup of a lifetime.

  5. Barton Springs is a great place and my kids loved the train at Zilker Park when they were younger. Congrats on getting your ring back! That's a real feel good story.

  6. Glad to hear it all eventually worked out!

    We just got our custom wedding ring from the jeweler yesterday.. It's a beaut, but makes me nervous. She's thinking of getting insurance for it, which would calm my nerves a bit.

  7. EXCELLENT!!! Proves there are still great people out there.
    Also, saying yes to your daughter is awesome too. TIME FLIES, so get as much father/daughter time as you can. Just took mine to college (where did the time go) last week. If any dads say they did not have a hard time sending their daughter/son off anywhere, they did not spend enough time with them.

  8. Holy Crap! That's friggin' awesome! Fun to hear such great news.