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Friday, August 30, 2013

Too Kind

If I've said written it once, I've written it... well, a buncha times.  Ya'll are just too kind.

Usually I'm talking about some well known blogger hooking me up with a stack of Friar cardboard or other assorted gems for my binders, but this time it's somebody who just reads this little blog.  I always feel weird calling somebody a "reader" of the blog, as if they had no other occupation or title to further distinguish themselves.  As if their very reason for being was to look at the Padre cards that I usually write about.  So Jason, however it may be that you classify yourself, I'll play it safe and say that you are just downright awesome. 

Aside from hooking me up with a no-strings attached Khalil jersey swatch (I'll still be on the lookout for some Red Sox cards to send back your way, eventually), he also sent me some trade bait to post and increase the Padres collection further.

I'd never heard of these Stuart card panels, but they're written in French, so I'll assume that they're from Canada.  I'd do some research, but I'm also supposed to be writing lesson plans for my first graders for next week.  There were doubles of this Padre one, so it's up for grabs, along with...

some Orioles (Cal, Eddie, and... Fred Lynn?)...

some Sox...

and some Brewers...  All very cool, so if any of those strike your fancy, lemme know and we can work out a deal.  Jason also sent me an Angels panel with Wally Joyner, but I put it in a binder before taking a picture of it.  Believe me when I say that it's sweet.

Jason also sent over some gratification of the "instant" variety... Padres for the player collection!  Of all the Padres that I "seriously" collect, I keep thinking that Andy Benes is one that I'll have the best shot at getting "all" of his cards.  Probably still won't happen, since the 90s were a crazy time, which I'm reminded of by these two cards.  Love the brown border on the "Star" card.

You might label Tony Gwynn as the never-ending collection.  There will always be Gwynn cards that I don't have.  Always.  I feel like I've been getting less and less that I don't already have in trades, but it's apparent that Jason scoured my "haves" list before sending off this package.

As much as I loved Joyner as a Padre, he just seems more natural as an Angel.  Glad that he was able to spend some time in San Diego, however, and glad to have some nostalgic cardboard proof.

Speaking of Joyner, here is a card that I thought was pretty cool.  Even though he got relegated to the "back" of a dual player card, I thought this was pretty snazzy.  Carlos Delgado has a decent fanbase in among card collectors, but this one is stayin' with me.

Trevor Hoffman is an all-time great.  If he's not a first-ballot Hall of Famer, then... well, I don't know what, but he'll be Padre #2 inducted into the Hall of Fame (sorry, I don't count Dave Winfield as the first).  Anyways, despite Hoffy's greatness, a lot of his cards seem... a little dull to me.  Not so with these two.  I've gotten a few Topps Gallery cards in recent bubble mailers and that seemed like a legit set.  Probably out of my price range at the time (not that I was really collecting cards during that period), but glad to get some of those now.  Also, love the retro Upper Deck design.  The back of the card looks really cool as well, but I forgot to take a photo of that one.

Oh, and did I mention that these cards came in two different packages?  I'm assuming that Jason was probably digging through his reserves and after sending out round 1, realized that there was enough for round 2.  Either that, or he was kind enough to extend the joy of opening mailers to two days.

Imagine my surprise when I got a PWE in the mail this week with his name on the return address.  The lone card?

Another addition to my "Foster" collection, my first Leo Foster card.  I was driving with my wife in the car when I opened the envelope and found Leo glaring right back at me.  She didn't think it was as cool as I did, but she also wasn't big on calling our son "Fozzie" (short for "Foster").  She's coming around to it, so maybe down the road my Foster collection won't be as nerdy to her.  Probably not, though.

Anyways, there's an example of why having this blog has been so cool.  People who say, "Hey, you'll probably enjoy these more than I will.  Here you go!"  I try to do the same as much as I can, but I known that I've been lax with sending stuff out lately.  Bills and school work, ya know?  Payday was yesterday, and I forgot that I'd be getting a few extra hundy sticks for doing some work in the office during school registration, so hopefully I'll remedy that... soon.  But school's back in (as evidenced by my less-frequent posts), so who knows.

Did I already say this?  Thanks Jason, these were awesome.


  1. Them's some awesome cards! Jason also told me he was gonna send me some too.. excited to get them soon hopefully.

    When is Trevor eligible for the hall? Yeah, it'll be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Wow, that was are some truly awesome cards. I'd be willing to take any of those Stuart Pads copies of your hands. I jjust picked up a 500-count box of Padres at the last Urbandale card show and have plenty of copies to share (after all, what can you do with six copies of a Bowman Corey Spangneberg).

    Also, I'm looking forward to see who the Padres "honor" with their September call-ups. I think Sampson and Hedges have as much an opportunity as anyone - this would be a pretty non-threatening situation for them.