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Sunday, August 25, 2013

One True Rookie / The Emerald Curse

Since school is starting tomorrow, I know that my blogging time is going to become very limited, so in an effort to get to a backlog of trade posts, here are two that I'll combine into one post, in two parts.

Part I

While there are plenty of good writers in the baseball card corner of the blogosphere, I think that it can be agreed that the blogs we keep going back to are ones that not only have pretty words, but pretty pictures.  One such blog that I've been going back to a lot recently is Baseball Card Breakdown.  Not only one of the more informative sources for posts, but great cards to go along with 'em.

Turns out that the author, Gavin, and I have a lot in common.  I was born in Portland, OR and later moved to San Diego, while Gav was born in San Diego and later moved to Portland.  We have both seen our fandom of the Padres ebb and flow (mine's at high tide right now, while Gavin is a little less so), and we are both (obviously) fans of baseball cards.  Haven't met him personally, but from what I can tell, we're both pretty awesome, so I'll throw that in there as well.

One of my favorite posts on BCB is the "One True Rookie" post on Fred McGriff.  As we know, defining what is a "rookie" card isn't as clear cut as you'd like to think, as Bowman has multiple cards of a player before they've even made it to the bigs, and back in the day, there were different companies that had different types of rookie cards.  Anyways, I received a PWE a few days back from the City of Roses, and found this...

While I thought that I already had the Crime Dog's rookie card, I found out that this was really his rookie card, from 1986 Donruss.  Very slick looking, two tone Jays cap with the "Rated Rookie" logo and lots of horizontal lines on the border.  Rookie cards are pretty cool, and that it's of one of my favorite players is a gigantic bonus.

But the PWE didn't stop there.  Here's an example of the rookie confusion.  Is this Wade LeBlanc's rookie card, or one of the many fakes from Bowman?  I can't imagine that there are many who care, and I won't pretend to either.  Still, I don't have many LeBlanc cards, and this one was a good addition to my Miscellaneous Padres binder.

The last binder addition from the PWE was Todd Walker.  I had forgotten that he was a Friar at one point in his career, as he played all of 44 games for the Padres, all in 2006, the last time they won the division.  This is my first Walker card as a Padre (well, also my first Walker card period), so it's a welcome addition to the MP binder as well.

Thanks again Gavin!  I've got some stuff set aside, all bundled up, just waiting for payday before I send it.

Part II

On a regular day when I had come back inside from the daily mailbox check, I looked at the days bounty and found that I had received a PWE from a far off land.  As I slowly peeled open the envelope, a green mist started pouring out from the corners.  Undaunted, and my curiosity piqued, I continued to rip paper until I realized that the contents within the envelope had started glowing.  I stood there in my living room in a trance, eyes fixed to the alluring gleam from the envelope in my hands.  I was shaken from my stupor as the living room began to shake and I heard a deep voice bellow the words "Do Not Open!"

I had already ripped enough to see that the cards inside had the familiar emerald hue from this year's Topps set.  They must be Padre cards, I thought.  And I'm trying to complete the emerald team set.  I ignored the booming voice and continued on my quest to determine the contents of the luminous vessel.

As I slid the top loader from the ripped envelope into my waiting hand, a bright light flashed in what I can only describe as green lightning.  As I gripped the cards tightly, a whirlwind began to encircle me and I thought I was going to be lifted up through my roof.  Just when I thought all was lost, I was thrown to the floor and everything in my living room appeared as it had been.

As I laid on the rug, the only thing I saw that was different was an inscription burned into the ceiling:

You have unleashed a curse

While my wife and friends did not believe me, I filed the cards away and wondered how this curse was going to manifest itself.  A few days later, I found out.

The first emerald card that I had put into it's page had been that of one Carlos Quentin.  After opening the bewitched envelope, he was put on the DL (again) for knee problems.

Not to be outdone, Yasmani Grandal also went on the DL for the rest of the year with his own knee injury.  Days later, Jason Marquis threw his final pitch as a Padre and landed on the DL as well with some kind of unspecific arm injury.

Had I learned my lesson?  Would I abandon my efforts to complete the 2013 Topps emerald parallel Padres team set?

A few days later, I got another such letter in the mail with the words burned into the page as they had been on my ceiling.

I was just kidding!  The Padres have already been cursed for a LONG time.
Continue on your quest.

And so I shall.  Big thanks to Big44 for the above-pictured trio of emerald goodness.  He seems to be cursed with pulling Padre parallels, and I am the fortunate and grateful beneficiary.  


  1. Glad the cards got to you ok! And thanks for the nice words about my blog. It's funny because last night I posted and was too lazy to turn on the lights when I took a photo, so it came out pretty bad. When I read your post this morning, it guilted me into retaking the photo so it'd be somewhat pretty. haha

  2. The 86D McGriff is iconic. I remember the big $$$ people once spent on that card. Very, very cool.