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Friday, August 16, 2013

Kids, Man

As I was watching the Padres struggle to hit against Zack Wheeler and the Mets last night, I heard mention that the wife of catcher Nick Hundley (who was missing the game due to being on the paternity list) finally had their baby, a daughter, and two weeks past her due date.  Well, I think that's what the announcers were saying, I had a few of my own kids that were making a racket, so my information might not be totally accurate.

When most people think of "The Catching Hundleys", they probably think of another Padre catcher, Randy, and his son, Todd Hundley.  Both played in the majors, both as backstops.  Perhaps in a few decades we'll be talking about another Hundley father and son duo (assuming that Hundley has a son at some point, though a father and daughter combo in the pros would definitely be noteworthy).  Not that all offspring of professional players develop into professional players as well, but it's possible.

Speaking of children, we scheduled a doctor's visit for my son Foster (another future Padres catcher?) because he's had a fever, was congested, and has been having even more trouble sleeping than usual.  We were hoping that it was just because he was teething, but found out that he also had an ear infection.  Nothing major, just some antibiotics and he should be better in a few days.

What was noteworthy about the trip was something that may seem small and insignificant to some, but really big for me.

He fell asleep while I was holding him.  The proof is in the picture on the right.

Now, I'm not an absentee father by any stretch.  It was never a problem at all with our first daughter.  And I've tried my best with this little guy, but he is a big momma's boy.  He's gotten better in the past few months and we can play and I can hold him and whatnot, but when it comes to naps or bedtime, I have never been able to get him to sleep.  Lots of crying and screaming, but never sleep.  More than a little frustrating.

So, even though it was most likely because he was sick, it was really nice to be able to hold him and rock him to sleep.

The little victories of being a father.

Here's hoping that Nick and I have healthy children and a restful nights sleep.  And I wouldn't say no to a Padre win, either.

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