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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jerk-O Strikes Again!!!

Being that the majority of Padre games start at 9:05 pm in the Central Time Zone, I am left with two options when it comes to game-watching: 1) Stay up until midnight, let my wife go to bed on her own, and wake up tired, or 2) Miss the game, spend a little time with the little lady, and wake up... less tired.

Depending on the person and the level of fandom, these decisions may or may not seem difficult to make.  For me, it's all situational.  If it's my first chance to see someone like Mets phenom Zack Wheeler pitch, or if the Padres have a strong chance of winning, then I might take my chances.  Not having work the next day increases the possibility of catching the game, as does the exhausted-ness factor of my wife (she has a way of making games seem completely meaningless, but not if she's asleep by 8:30).

Anyways, last night seemed like a prime opportunity to catch a game: no work the next day, kids fell asleep early, and my wife was worn out after a long week of watching children (in addition to our two, she watches another two kids during the week to earn a few bucks).  Right when I was about to commit, I checked the score, since the game had already been going for a few moments and I was stunned....

The Padres were in a 6-0 hole against the Cubs... and Padres pitcher Edinson Volquez had yet to record an out.

Needless to say, my choice was an easy one.  Movie night with my lady, as tired as we both were.

This morning, however, I found out that...

The Padres had mounted a huge comeback and managed to beat Chicago by a score of 6-8!  What the what?  The bullpen pitched 8 1/3 scoreless innings and the Padres hit three homers, one by team home run leader Will Venable, and two more by rookie stud Jedd Gyorko.  Whoo hoo!

The pair of home runs gave him the most of any NL rookie.  Let that sink in.  ANY NL rookie.

I'd have to imagine that the NL ROY Award already has Yasiel Puig's name written on it (though Jose Fernandez is certainly giving him a run for his money).  And yes, Gyorko's 16 homers (compared to Puig's 12) have come in 72 more plate appearances than Puig has had.  Still, Gyorko is having a great rookie season and is currently on a hot streak after having a rough start getting off the DL in mid-July.

Oh, and notice the Gyorko's from last year's Bowman Platinum, since I think I'll add this year's Bowman Platinum to the "no-buy" list.  Not for really any particular reason (well, I guess it's chiefly financial).  I haven't bought any Gypsy Queen this year either, but I've still managed to get most of the cards I wanted from their in trades and through charity, etc.

Anyways, Gyorko and Venable giving Padres fans something to root for is great, despite the fact that the Padres seem hellbent on sending this joker out to the mound every fifth day.  Hopefully when September call ups happen, we can get a break from LOLquez.

Speaking of The Jerk, I got a package in the mail this week from my friends at Wolff Stadium, the former home of San Antonio Missions alum Jedd Gyorko.

A program!  I posted about taking my son to his first game on my birthday a few weeks ago, but in gathering our stuff to get ready to leave, we left the program behind.  I sent a really nice email to the head of PR with the Missions asking for a program, and he was very happy to oblige.  Very kind of him.  Thanks Missions!

I really like the player bios that they had in the program, but I'll show the most visually interesting page:

Ballapeno, the mascot of the San Antonio Missions!  With The Alamo in the background, no less.  And you can even follow him on twitter!  Speaking of which, I've joined twitter, though more for seeing what people have to say.  @marcusSDTX is my handle for those so inclined.  I didn't join facebook for years and then I finally relented, and now I've joined something else that I thought for a long time was pretty stupid.  We'll see how long that lasts, but it has given me some fodder for some upcoming posts, assuming that I have time to write them.

Oh, and just for the record, I actually had decided to spend the evening with my wife, regardless of the outcome of the Padres game.  Seeing the early lead by the Cubs just made it an even easier decision.  It's been a long week of getting ready for school, and the times that we can be with each other are getting more and more precious.  Don't mean to get mushy or anything, but I do love her and she is awesome.


  1. LOL@ 'Ballapeno'. Minor league marketing people are just so great!

  2. I have a few of the 2013 Bowman Sterling copies from the 6-box case pull (see my post). So if you want any of the copies, just let me know. Also, did you see that Volquez has been designated for reassignment and must clear waivers! It justa happened today.