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Friday, August 9, 2013

Emerald City

Parallels man.  I think that I'm pretty critical of some of them (see most Bowman products) and don't really feel the need to add many of them to my collection.  Still, there are some times when I'm all about the parallels.  Off the top of my head, my biggest dives into the parallel universe have been chasing the Chris Denorfia parallels from 2011 Topps and Chase Headley's cards from 2013 Heritage (still looking to finish those up, but the wells seem to have run dry).

However, this year there is one parallel that has me hooked.

The emerald parallels look sweet.  I mean, sa-weet.  I've heard that some prefer the blue ones from the Opening Day set, which I don't have a big beef with (especially since they're serial numbered), but there are fewer cards in the Opening Day set, and I'm pretty sure that there wouldn't be enough Padres to fill a binder page.  The wrapper redemption cards that are "slate" are pretty slick as well, but are much pricier, which puts a damper on it for me.  I'm a cheapskate.

So, green it is.  The Jedd Gyorko card is probably my favorite from the Padres team set so far, though Headley, Yonder Alonso, and Carlos Quentin come in close behind.

I know of a few who are parallel hunting (my best good buddy Mark Kaz is working on the blue Walmart parallels from this year's set, as well as the cognacs from 2011 Topps) but is anybody else going after the emeralds?

Or more importantly, does anyone have any emerald Padres that I still need?  There are 22 cards between Series 1 & 2, and this Gyorko card (which came via PWE courtesy of Nachos Grande) puts me at the dozen mark, leaving ten to go.  Be a pal and check out the want list on the left.

Happy Friday!

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  1. William @ Foul Bunt is building a set of them. I will eventually be picking up cheap random lots of them too...will keep an eye out.