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Saturday, August 17, 2013

A&G Group Break Goodness

Yesterday I received a padded envelope from Judson, the mind behind the magic at My Cardboard Habit.  Inside was the contents of his most recent Allen & Ginter break.  For less than the price of a few rack packs, I was able to snag all the Padres in the base set, along with a few A's (my randomized team was originally the Twins, but I traded 'em away).  I also tossed in the extra buck to get all the "One Little Corner" inserts, which was definitely well spent.

I'm dedicating a post to all five (seriously Topps, five?) Padre cards, so this is just to show the rest of the loot.

When found out that the randomizer had dealt me the Twins, I almost considered keeping them because Harmon Killebrew has a card in the set that I'd like to get.  However, I held out hope that I'd score an autograph from Vida Blue, so I traded for the A's.  No luck, but I did get these A's legends here.  Not a bad trio of players, and I haven't seen Blue get his due in modern sets, so good on him.

Next up, a pair of diving Athletics.  While I guess I kind of prefer the "posed" shots that dominate the Allen & Ginter landscape, the Reddick does look pretty cool.

The last of the player cards is a pair of current A's.  Is Cespedes overrated?  A check of his stats says that he's hitting only .231 this year with 101 strikeouts, one less than his total from last season.  19 homers and 56 RBI isn't anything to sniff at, and I definitely wouldn't mind having him play for the Padres, but he doesn't seem to be an "elite" guy by any stretch.  Anyways, I always feel a little weird criticizing somebody's faults when it comes to baseball, especially since they're much better than me.

Last but not least, the highlight of the post, the "One Little Corner" inserts.  Here they are all at once...

They look pretty cool in pages as well, even if they're on their side.  I keep saying it, but I'm glad I picked these up.  I must've miscounted during all of Judson's posts, since I thought I was only getting five, but ended up with six.  A happy surprise indeed.  Combined with the rest I've picked up, I'm 55% of the way there (11/20).

Since becoming active in the card blog community, I've participated in three group breaks, and each one has gotten better.  I'd like to hold my own sometime (2013 Heritage Minors is calling my name, but something a little cheaper like 2010 Pro Debut doesn't sound bad either), but until then, this suits me just fine.  Thanks Judson!  Oh, as good as the A's look here, they're all for trade, check the trade/want lists, they've all been updated.

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  1. Wow, I'm not usually a huge fan of horizontal A&G cards, but that Reddick is awesome!