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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vintage Padres

Last night, the Padres wore my favorite throwback uniforms.  Not the 80s uniforms as pictured in the blog header.  Not the brown and yellow from the 70s.  Not even the brown and orange from their first year in the majors (haven't seen those in a modern game, yet).  Nope, I'm talking about the blue and red from their Pacific Coast League days, back when they were still a minor league team.

Is it any wonder that they played like a minor league team, then?  They lost 10-1 to the Giants, who would have the worst record in the abysmal NL West if it weren't for the Padres.  Between being called for defensive interference, having the bases loaded with no outs and not scoring any runs (pop-up, strikeout, strikeout), to even trying the old "hidden ball trick" (didn't work), it was painful to watch.  I kept thinking that there would be some comeback magic in the retro unis, but alas, it was (mostly) the same guys wearing them that had lost seventeen of the last twenty.

Ok, trying to stay positive here.

The Padres miserable rotation got a decent performance from Sean O'Sullivan, who was called up to make a spot start, and his debut as a Padre.  O'Sullivan grew up in San Diego and was a Padre fan, so he was stoked to get the call.  He's spent time in the majors with the Angels and Royals, but looks like he might have a future as a Padre, since the Padres staff has struggled so much.  He also got his first hit as a Padre, a double.

Alexi Amarista got on base every time he stepped up to the plate, hitting two singles and walking twice.  He also scored the only Padre run, being driven in by a Chase Headley double.

Both O'Sullivan and Amarista have never had cards of them in Padre uniforms, and I wouldn't mind seeing either one in the Topps Update set with shots like these of the PCL uniforms.  Even though it might remind me of this horrible game, which is probably the low point of the season so far.

Hopefully I'll have time for another short post to get a little more positive.  Have some sweet cards that need some props on the blog, can't let the Padres futility get all the attention.

EDIT: Apparently there IS an Alexi Amarista card as a Padre that I need to track down.  Thanks again for the comments!


  1. When the Angels traded Amarista away, I was a little worried. I like the athleticism, but Frieri has worked out. BTW, there is a 2013 Turkey Red card of Amarista as a Padre:


  2. I had never seen these uniforms until a few days ago. My favorite uniforms are still the brown, yellow, white, and orange jerseys from the 1984 World Series season. Okay... back to watching the game. They've already given the Giants a 4 spot... let's hope they can turn things around.