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Monday, July 22, 2013

Timeless and Hatless

I feel like I've been in a bit of a writing funk lately.  I've enjoyed planning the few posts on my new blog, Yellow Cardboard, but it seems like most of my posts on here have all been trade posts or "I just got these new cards" kinda posts.  Nothing on the cards that have been in the binders for a while.

I was flipping through some cards looking for inspiration, when I came across this sweet card of Randy Jones.  While he is popular with a generation of Padre fans for some stellar years in the 70s, he is most popular to the newer generation of fans for some stellar BBQ at Petco Park.

For fans of 1977 Topps, he's known for his stellar haircut, highlighted in this card showing him warm up sans cap.  I've seen this one on a few other blogs, so I know I'm not the only one that admires it.

A few posts ago, I mentioned the number of hatless players in this year's Heritage set.  It got me wondering how many cards in my binders also feature Padres with exposed domes.  I'll be taking a look at some of these over the next few posts, but here is today's batch.

The early years of the Studio brand answered the question that was on everyone's mind: what would big leaguers look like if they were to have their pictures taken by the same people that took care of your niece's Senior pictures?  The results were somewhat mixed, as they sometimes looked like... well, lame senior pictures.  However, I'm a fan of this McGriff card, showing off his pearly whites and his hand-eye coordination.

Here's a line of hatless Padres, from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.  Champ says that real men don't need hats.  Benito's mom told him to make sure he got a new haircut so that his classmates would remember what a handsome young man he was.  A-Gone says that hats are for suckers.

I'm not sure why this card is titled "Team Checklists", since there is only one checklist on the flipside.  I also don't know why it says that Chase Headley is an outfielder.  Looks like Tony Jr. is wondering why  Chase took a full on swing when he was standing right next to him, while Chase is admiring Junior's side-of-the-head shaved stripes and wishing he wasn't burdened with that cumbersome helmet.

I recently christened Ray McDavid as one of the worst Padres in my Miscellaneous Padres binder, but I can't get enough of these 90s Rookie cards, so I hold on to 'em anyways.  I'm not even sure what's happening in this one, since it looks like he's... skipping over his helmet?  Maybe popping up from a slide into second?  Who knows, but he makes the post anyways.

I excluded a few "hatless" cards for various reasons, most of which will be shown in later posts.  One group that I decided not to show is any cards from the '69 Topps set.  Since the Padres were an expansion team, most of the cards feature hatless or photoshopped pictures.  With the '69 set excluded, this is my oldest hatless card.  Love the '71 set, and I dig the stadium background with somebody holding a bat in the background.  Gaspar's haircut looks a little square, but looks kinda like mine.  When it recedes back to a certain point, there's only so much you can do with it.

Well, there you have it.  A bunch of hatless Padres.  Kinda makes you think, right?

No?  Well, I guess it doesn't really matter, then.

I keep being reminded that eventually school will start again.  That means more showering and combing my hair and less waking up late (well, as late as an eight month old will let you sleep in) and throwing on my Padres hat.  I will probably have to lose the beard that I've been trying to grow for the past few weeks.  I'm not sure that the school district has a facial hair policy, but my beard isn't particularly good-looking enough keep once I'm back around people that I need to impress.

Well, "impress" isn't the right word, but you know what I mean.  I'd like them to not think that I'm a bum, so I probably shouldn't look like one.

Oh, and as I was looking for some old files I used from the last time I taught first grade (since I'm making the move back to first after spending two years in fifth), I came across some albums I downloaded and hadn't listened to for a while.  This is a song by The Henry Clay People that I used to rock out to.  A decent album, Tom Petty influenced rock, and a cool-looking album cover.  Happy Monday.

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  1. Mr. Jones sells BBQ @ Petco? Now I really need to make my way down to SD for a Padres game.