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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

They Made A Huge Mistake

On the left of this blog, you'll notice a "On The Lookout" list of cards that I'm trying to track down.  When I first started that list, one of the very first cards that I put on it was the 1992 Topps "gold" version of Steve Finley's card.

Why the gold version of the card (besides the fact that the gold parallels from '92 and '93 are my favorites)?  Because there was a mistake that was made on the gold version...

Notice anything amiss?

Who is Mark Davidson?

I've been watching a lot of White Collar on Netflix lately, so maybe Davidson is one of Finley's aliases.  You know, when he's off the field and trying to go undercover to expose art thieves or gun smugglers.  If it's true, his cover has been blown.  You'd be surprised how many baseball players are able to walk around without being recognized.

As cool as it would be to learn that one of my favorite players as a kid was also a secret agent, it's most likely a misprint by Topps.  Bummer.  I tried digging for clues, but I'm not sure that "Mark Davidson" was even included in the 1992 Topps set.

Hopefully he wasn't kidnapped by Matthew Keller.

By the way, thanks to Nathan, an awesome Pirates fan and reader of the blog who sent this card to me. Major props.  Like I said, this card has been on this list for a while.

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