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Monday, July 29, 2013

These Are The Players

I recently dealt off a huge chunk of 2013 cards to Kyle from Nolan's Dugout.  Sometimes, it gets to the point where you'd rather they go to someone who needs them than just take up space in your trade box.  I usually feel like that, I guess.

In the past, I've sometimes just "given" those cards away for a few cards I liked and "future considerations".  I don't mind those trades, because something good usually comes my way unexpectedly later on.  But it's always nice to get the goods right away.  Such was the case in this instance.

Kyle sent me over a hundred cards, half from '93 Leaf (which I'll show in a post either today or tomorrow), and the other half were additions to my player collections.  Kyle has a bunch of cards from oddball sets that he's looking to unload, since he's more into completing  sets than a player collector.  First up are some sweet Tony Gwynn's, including the '88 Fantastic Sam's you see above.  Digging that photo of Mr. Padre.  Not sure that he went to Sam's to get that haircut.

Pacific is probably the "oddest" of the normal sets.  Can't say that I'm really a fan of a lot of Pacific's cards, but when they feature a guy like Tony and are commemorating an event like his 3,000th hit.  Which happened on my birthday.  It's also serial numbered to 3,000 which seems appropriate.  This Tombstone Pizza card is awesome.  I'm a sucker for cards with black borders, and the photo is classic Tony.  Love seeing that stance.

When evaluating my Player Collections, I think I'd have to rank adding new cards to my Fred McGriff collection as one of the most satisfying, just below Archi Cianfrocco and Steve Finley.  There are a ton of Crime Dog cards out there, but only collecting those from his days in Toronto and San Diego really narrows it down.  I wasn't aware of the McDonald's cards that were put out by Donruss in '92, but I love this one.  '92 Donruss is a set that I collected a lot as a kid, probably because it was cheap, not a huge fan of the look now, but it reminds me of being a kid.  I don't know a lot about the other card, but it says "Singles Superstars" on the back and is #17 of the set.

I'm a big Darin Erstad fan, but sometimes I wonder if I should find a way to narrow my collection on him, since I now have 125 of his cards, and the end doesn't appear to be in sight.  Until I decide what to do, though, I'll keep on taking them off everybody's hands.  Haven't come across any other Erstad collectors in the blogosphere.  Love the look of the Topps Total card, but it's hard coming across Erstad's that I like during the "wing and ball" era of the Angels uniforms.  Not a good look.

Speaking of collecting players that have a ton of cards, here are two of the all-time greats.  I'm not in the business of trying to get all the Ripken's and Ryan's that I can track down, but if it's a cool or unique card of either one, I'll take it.  These both fit the bill.  The Ripken may be a perfect piece of cardboard, from the cutout the action shot to the sweet 80s O's uniforms.  I don't think I've come across any Nolan Ryan cards of him in a throwback uniform, so this is a cool one to have as well.

I can't remember where in the blogosphere I came across this Scott Bailes card, but I put it up on the "Lookout" list, since it didn't really fit into my other want lists.  The "leaping over the wall" pose is one of the greats, and not as common as you'd like on baseball cards.  No matter for Bailes, a relief pitcher.  The mini-Ryan card was also a cool addition, though I fear that it will be lost at some point, since it is probably the smallest card I own.

Two of the newest additions to my Player Collections are Dale Murphy and Wally Joyner.  Murphy is a class act, and I already had a bunch of Joyner cards from his days as a Padre, so expanding the parameters with him wasn't a problem.

Even though these are all of the oddball variety, they still have all the Braves logos on them.  Props.  The Quaker Chewy card makes me hungry.  Love the batting cage shot on the "Singles Superstars" card.  The autograph signing Murphy is from a 1987 edition of Baseball Card Magazine.  Most of those BCM cards are pretty cool.  The Murphy PC is off to a strong start with 32 cards.

I became a huge Joyner fan when he joined the Padres in 1996, my most favorite of all Padre seasons.  Still, it doesn't really seem natural seeing him in any uniform besides the Angels.  Wally wasn't quite a "superstar" with the Padres, but still had some solid seasons with them.  I remember getting some of those '92 Post cards in boxes of cereal, but thinking that they were lame because they didn't have logos on them.  I've gotten past it now and love these.  Don't have many Bazooka cards in my collection, but this one looks good, a contemplative Joyner in an empty stadium.  These and others bring the "new" Joyner collection to 67 cards.

Thanks again for all the cool/hard to find stuff, Kyle!  And this was only half of the haul.  Look for the '93 Leaf portion of the trade in a bit.  It'll be beautiful.


  1. That Bailes is quickly becoming one of my favorites as well! I just recently received it in a trade.

    Love that '94 Fun Pack Nolan Ryan as well, I'd never seen that one before. Those Rangers unis are actually semi-throwbacks, as the franchise never actually wore jerseys like those. Still, I count them all the same.

  2. Man, was there a cooler looking dude in baseball during the '80s than Tony Gwynn? I defy anyone to look at that Sam's disk and offer something to the contrary.

    By the way, a few more Erstads might be coming your way in a couple days.

  3. Glad I could help fill in some of those oddball needs for you that needed a new home.