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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Tree of Dollars

Last night, the plan for the family was to pack up blankets and chairs and go onto the army post near us to watch Brave on one of the lawns there.  We've seen a few movies at the park this summer (The Odd Life of Timothy Green and The Lorax), but hadn't been on post to see one yet.

Anyways, we decided against it, since my daughter, who I had mentioned previously was doing awesome with her potty training, totally had a "Padres" day, in which she had a ton of accidents and I don't think she ever made anything into the toilet.  Pretty frustrating.  Didn't want to have to go through that miles away from home and a have to be looking for an open public restroom.

Still, we would've felt too bad about not doing anything at all, because we'd been telling her about it all week, so we rented the movie, bought some junk food, and set up the nursery tipi in the living room with some Christmas lights.  A poor folks' movie picnic, I suppose.

Wanting to go cheap on the snacks, we hit up the Dollar Tree in town, which is an actual dollar store - in that everything is a dollar.  There are a few others in town that are called "dollar stores" that in reality, sell many things that cost over a dollar.  I guess "Dollars Store" looks a little awkward, but what's with the false advertising?

Anyways, I love Dollar Tree, as they often have cheap teacher-type stuff that I load up on at the end of the summer.  They also happen to have baseball repacks.  Has anyone noticed that there are multiple "brands" of repacks?  I found that they were out of "the usual" ones they have, which were mostly junk, but were 30 cards for a buck, but they had a new kind that had "nicer" packaging and looked like the cards might be a slight upgrade as well, but were only 20 for a buck.  I say "only" like it's some kind of rip off...

There were a bunch of packs to decide from, but even though the package was clear, only the first card in the stack was visible.  The back of the stack had some generic business card that obscured the other side.  I almost picked up one that had a Felix Hernandez Gypsy Queen card in the front, but I went with this Mike Piazza card.  Great addition to the "Padres catchers in gear" portion of my binder.  The only other visible Padre I saw was a Brian Giles Bowman card.  No thanks.

There were only three cards in the pack worth keeping, but they were pretty good ones.  The rest... I just threw away.  Is that horrible to say?  I have a hard enough time finding people who still need '87 Topps cards of Dale Mohorcic or '91 Upper Deck cards of Rafael Belliard, so instead of having them take up precious space in my trading box, I just tossed them.  Anyways, this BENITO Santiago card was definitely worth keeping.

The best card of the lot, however, was this George Foster card.  I've gotten a few Foster's recently, but they all seem to be from the end of his career, when he was playing for the Mets.  This is my first Reds card of Foster.  Almost called him "Fozzie", since that's the occasional nickname of my son, Foster.

This is also my first Drake's card.  The front of the card says that this is "18 in a series of 33", while the back says that Drake is a bakery and that Topps sells chewing gum.  The back also tells us what makes a "Big Hitter".  Thanks for the info.

For a cool buck, this was a decent value, and if I ever get a jonesing for a pack rip, a dollar is a great way to scratch the itch without breaking the bank.

That last sentence made me feel like I was teaching my fifth graders about idioms.


  1. That Foster is awesome! Definitely a nice repack hit there.

  2. Drake's cards always remind me of the episode of Seinfeld with the Drake's Coffee Cakes.

    I got one of those repacks at Dollar Tree about a month ago; I picked one with a card of Geoff Blum as a Padre showing.

  3. Throw... cards... out...? Excuse me, I think I may faint...

  4. LOL! Love the honesty, Marcus. Throwing away those junkies isn't a mortal sin, but you ought to say a few Our Fathers just in case...