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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I received a bubble mailer from a Texas address yesterday, and realized quickly that it was from Play At The Plate, a fellow Texan blogger.  We hadn't struck up a trade recently, as I've been holding off a bit until payday (which was yesterday, ca-ching!), but I was excited to rip in nonetheless.

This is my first card of Sean Kazmar, and a pretty good looking one at that.  From what I can see, there aren't a whole lot of Kazmar cards out there, as his major league experience consisted of 19 games in 2008, all with the Padres.  He managed to scratch out 8 hits in 39 at bats (.205 average), including a double, two RBI, and two runs scored.  Defensively, he had one error in 55 chances at short and second.  He was taken in the 5th round of the 2004 Draft.  While I can't imagine this card is worth a whole lot, it's very cool having an autograph of a "lifetime" Padre (though he would later play in the minors with the Mariners, Mets, and Braves organizations).  Plus... he was born exactly one day before me.  Don't see that very often.

Speaking of rookie-type cards, here's a trio of them.  Well, the Adam Eaton card is from his second year as a Padre, but he was still new.  This one is serial numbered 60/100, and is the first Eaton addition to the Miscellaneous Padres binder, on the same page as Eckstein, Eichelberger, and Elliott.  The Gyorko is probably one of my favorite from this year's flagship.  He got a hit and scored an insurance run last night as the Padres beat the Reds (four wins in a row!), so hopefully he's ready to climb out of his early second half slump.  Joe Wieland is one of the many... many Padre pitchers on the DL recovering from Tommy John surgery, but supposedly has plans to pitch in the winter leagues.  Still, I kinda like these Prizm cards, and this is only the second Padre from the set I've got, besides the Maybin.

Speaking of Maybin (and players on the DL), here is a sweet looking card from the best insert set in this year's flagship: Chase It Down.  I'm surprised that not one, but two Padres made it onto this one, as Maybin joins the appropriately named Chase Headley.  Headley did earn the Gold Glove last year, so it makes sense, but I've always been a little less than impressed with Maybin's glove.  He's fast, so he can cover a lot of ground, don't get me wrong, but I guess compared to other Padre center fielders, he's no Steve Finley or Mike Cameron, two of the best.  He's currently on an "extended rehab assignment" in Tucson, as multiple injuries have limited him to 14 games this season.  

As I was unwrapping the cards that Brian sent, I found this on the flipside of one of the cardboard protectors.  Though I think that I'm pretty good about sending out cards unannounced, they're mostly to my already-good buddies like Joe, Mark, or Nick, etc. Looking forward to digging up some stuff to send to a less-frequent trading partner and continuing the project.  Thanks Brian!

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