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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Owl Droppings

Sorry about the title of this post.  This is obviously a trade post with some cards from Greg, the Night Owl.  Running out of ways to introduce the cards, so I thought, "Hey, they were dropped into my mailbox, and they came from N.O." and thus, the grossest name for a trade post was born.

To be clear - it was a package of cards that arrived on my door, not a flaming bag of any sort.  And the cards weren't pieces of crap either - high quality stuff, as per usual, starting with the Adrian Gonzalez card you see above.  The A-Gone section of my Miscellaneous Padres collection was was trimmed down once he became a Dodger, but slick cards like this one have a place there for sure.

In the few packs that I've ripped recently, I was able to come away with a few snazzy Dodger cards, which eventually made it over to Greg in New York.  In return, he hooked me up with some PC needs, as well as helping me scratch a "most wanted" card off my lookout list: 2013 Archives Fred McGriff.  I've said before how stoked I was that the Crime Dog was on the checklist for this year's Archives, and... I still think it's awesome.  Still trying to find a copy of the autographed card that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Darin Erstad is one of the few non-Padres in my Player Collection binder.  Love the throwback uniforms on this '03 Leaf Preferred Materials card.  Remember when the blue and the red were mostly equals on the Halos uniforms?  Now it's primarily red.  Like the Cardinals.  Not that every team has to be totally different or anything (though I'm still holding my breath that the Padres bring back the brown on a regular basis at some point).  Anyways, very shiny and very Erstady

Even though I sent him some pretty fancy cards, none of them were 3D, like this Andy Benes card.  3D cards don't photo particularly well, but this one turned out alright.  I'm a fan of the 25th year anniversary patch on Andy's sleeve, I think I remember getting a pin with that emblem at one point.  If they were doing a patch this year, it'd be a 45th anniversary patch.  That makes me feel kinda old.

Anyways, a great batch of cards from Greg.  He must be a happy camper now that the Dodgers swapped places with the Padres in the NL West cellar.  I'd be lying if I said that I thought the Padres will stay in last place the whole year, but I don't think they'll be able to catch L.A.  Remember a few months ago when the Dodgers were totally out of it?  That seems like a long time ago.


  1. Well, Padres cards ARE kind of gross. And I sure don't want them. ... yup, the title fits.

    Glad they work for ya!

    1. Guess I kinda walked into that one, huh?