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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now You See Him...

On Friday, I got one stellar PWE from Nate over at Big44 Cards.  Dude contacted me about one of the cards on my "Lookout" list.  Very generous of him, and after thinking about what I sent in return, I feel like I still owe him one.

Here's the first half of what he sent:

Taking a bite out of the Emerald parallel list that I'm trying to put together for the Padres team set.  I've said it before, the only parallel that I've like more in recent years from Topps has been the Diamond parallels from 2011.  Well, I'm also a fan of the Gold parallels from '92 and '93, but that's a whole 'nother post.  Anyways, of the 22 Padres from this year's Topps set (including Chase Headley on the NL RBI Leaders card), I'm now at the halfway mark, missing two from Series 1 and nine from Series 2.

The best part of the PWE, however, was the second half...

You may not be able to see this card.  That's okay, don't be fooled.  There is an insane amount of camouflage in this card, possibly the most in the history of baseball cards.  This is still a card of Jesus Guzman, though if you can't see him, you may think that it's a blurred, off-center card of Don Mattingly.  When I first heard that Topps would be doing camo parallels, I wondered how it would look with the Padres Sunday home uniforms.  The answer is awesome.

In Series 1, the Padres had some sweet throwback uniform cards (Yonder Alonso and Cameron Maybin), but the camo uniforms almost got shut only appearing on Headley's League Leaders card.  In Series 2, there were four, of which this is my favorite.

Besides Carlos Quentin, the Padres outfield is comprised of a lot of "4th outfielders" i.e. guys who wouldn't start on a stronger club.  Guzman splits time with Quentin when he's injured, as well as Kyle Blanks, Chris Denorfia, and Will Venable.  Guzman started off the year as a pinch hitter, and really struggled.  His batting average is currently sitting at a weak .240 with 7 homers in 83 games (192 at bats).  However, in the last 10 games, seeing much more playing time, he's hitting at a solid .316 clip with two homers and eight RBI.

I'm also a fan of the fancy serial numbers on the back, and this one is 9/99.  Lucky 9's!

Also, in case you were wondering, Guzzie has 26 ribbys this year, bringing his career total up to 118, only 2,179 away from Hank Aaron's all time record.

Thanks again Nate!  You're awesome!

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