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Monday, July 1, 2013

Mini Post

Been doing a lot of organizing of the collection lately, shipping out trades and trying to get some of my stuff listed on zistle.com, so as to further my accumulation of Padres.  One of the problems that I've been having is that the mini cards from my Miscellaneous Padres binder keep falling out.  Finding them all around my binders, you'd think that I was twirling them up in the air before placing them with the rest of the lot.

Anyways, I decided to have a mini-box to put the minis in, for now, next to the trade box.  Not a lot of cards in the mini box, since I'm not the biggest mini-fan.  Some cards, though, are worth making room for in the collection...

I have five Headley cards in the mini-box.  Not a huge Gypsy Queen fan, but I'm digging the colored border here.  The Allen & Ginter minis always look sharp, especially the pair from last year's set, with the fancy border.

Kyle Blanks still looks like a giant, even on a mini card.  Will Venable is probably smiling because he knows that by the end of June 2013, he will lead the Padres in home runs, while only hitting .220.  Casey Kelly is another Padre pitcher who is injured and will hopefully make it back soon.  Met him in Spring Training and thought he was a nice guy.

These round out the mini-box.  My wife saw these on laying out on the kitchen windowsill and said they were cool.  Can't tell if she was talking about Heath Bell's menacing glare or Venable's sweet follow through.

Anyways, these are mini cards for a mini post.  Will be sending out the email for the Free Padre Card Draft in a little bit, be looking for that to those of you who signed up, and if you missed the boat, comment here and I'll get the list out to you as well.

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