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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Massive Mailday Pt. 2: Monday Edition

Over the weekend, I had a "massive mailday" which consisted of a pair of bubble mailers and an envelope.  Well, yesterday I had a mailday that was even massiver.  My autocorrect is telling me that "mailday" and "massiver" aren't real words.  I guess I can add "inventor of words" to my resum√©.

I feel like I'm having more and more posts that are just trade posts, and I do have other post ideas up my sleeve, but when you're getting cards as good as these, you gotta post 'em up quick.  Plus, sometimes I kinda like doing multiple packages in a single post, to show the variety of stuff I get.

Anyways, enough words.  More pictures.

Okay, a few more words...

Being that the overwhelming majority of my binders are full of Padres, it takes a little something extra to get in if you're not wearing an "SD" on your hat.  Sometimes it's a specific player that I like, sometimes it's a cool action shot or the design of a card, and sometimes it's those sweet orange uniforms that the Astros have.  Other times...

it's a person wearing a huge mascot head of Teddy Roosevelt.

Last December, I had a lot of fun making a few "Top 10" lists for my favorite cards from 2012.  In thinking ahead six months to making that list, I have to believe that this card will be in the mix.  Easily the best Nationals card in my collection.  Wish the Padres had something like this that was uniquely San Diego (insert joke about them having a tradition of losing here, jerk).  This was sent to me by Robert at $30 A Week Habit.  

He also sent me the second to last card I needed to complete my Astros team set from this year's Heritage.  I feel like I'm the only one who has professed their love for the Astros new uniforms.  Is it just me?

Besides the Teddy card, this was the best in the package.  Of all the parallels that the flagship set has, I like the emerald ones the best.  Well, the slate blue ones are cool too, but are probably pricier and harder to track down than the emeralds.  Almost have the complete Series 1 emerald set, and this is my first one from Series 2.

Oh, I forgot to say that yesterday the haul included two bubble mailers and two envelopes.  One of the envelopes was from my buddy Joe at From An Unlikely Source, AKA The Blog Formerly Known As Friars On Cardboard.  Aside from having killer taste in baseball teams and baseball cards, I know that we share similar tastes in music.  Knowing this (and having the ability to read a want list), he knew that I would appreciate

a Scott Radinsky card.  I've already talked about how awesome Radinsky is, but if you didn't read it here, look it up somewhere.  He is/was in a string of decent punk bands, including Pulley, one that I rocked out to during my rocking out days.  I mean, I still rock out from time to time, but in between songs from Disney soundtracks. 

He also sent me these awesome Benito Santiago cards.  Normally I only get these from my buddy Mark, but that well of Benito cards in Delaware is bound to dry up at some point, so I'm glad to get these as well.  These are unique to my Santiago collection in that they are the first cards I have of him in a Cubs uniform or a Reds uniform.  In fact, I don't think I even knew he played for those teams until I saw these cards.  Padres?  Of course.  Marlins?  Sure.  Blue Jays, Pirates, Giants?  Yep!  Reds and Cubs?  Well, now I know.  BTW, I think the '95 Topps design is lame, but that one looks rad.

The second bubble mailer came from Brian at Base Set Calling, which completes our first ever trade together.  Lots of very recent cards in this package.  Looking at the name of his blog always reminds me of a song by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros called Cool 'n Out.  I guess you'd have to hear the beginning to see what I mean.  

First up three non-Padres from this year's Archives set.  Well, I mean, one of them is a former Padre, but you don't see a lot of cards from Teddy Ballgames days in America's Finest City.  He sent me a few other Archives, but these looked good together in that they're all from the '85 Topps design.  McCutch looks excited, and R.A. Dickey looks like he wishes he were still in the National League.

He also sent me over a quartet of stickers.  I've seen packs of these somewhere around here, but never took the bait.  Can't say that I'm crazy about the design, but I can't say no to additions to my Yonder Alonso collection.  The Maybin looks good as well, while the Gwynn just looks weird.  80s uniform with a 90s team logo with a 00s color scheme.  Really?

Brian also hooked me up with some really sweet cardboard, including this one.  Not big on chasing down every parallel that Topps throws at me, but getting another Kyle Blanks card is always good in my book.

I thought that this was going to be my favorite card in the package when I first saw it (I actually saw it in Robert's mailer as well, but I didn't want to photo it twice).  Having a Padre included in any kind of insert is great, especially when it has to do with defensive plays.  Cameron Maybin is also in this subset, will also be on the lookout for that one.

Despite the sweet insert, Jedd Gyorko's rookie card was my favorite of the mailer.  There are a few good looking Padre cards in this year's flagship set; Yonder Alonso in the throwback 80s uniform, Everth Cabrera's flying dive-stolen base, Carlos Quentin's play at the plate.  Still, this might be the "card to remember" if Gyorko can continue the success he's had the first few months of the season (minus the DL stint).  Here's hoping I didn't just jinx him.

Last but not least, the last envelope of the day.  This came from an eBay seller who parted ways with this sweet Bip Roberts card for...

a dime, a nickel, and two pennies.  That's 17 cents genius!  I have found less fun ways to spend more than 17 cents, thanks eBay!  BTW, you can totally see the word "probe" in the nameplate on the bottom.

Well, there you have it; a three delivery weekend is trumped by a four delivery weekbeginning.  Another word I just invented.  I guess the eBay envelope might not count as much as a trade mailer, but it's still good in my book.

Thanks to Brian, Joe, and Robert for the sweet Friars.  Here's hoping that the Padres have better luck in Boston than they did in Miami.  Hmmm... something tells me that struggling against the Marlins doesn't bode well when you're facing the Red Sox next...

Here's hoping!

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