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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jumping The Gun

Jumping the gun.  Counting your eggs before they hatch.  Assuming that something is going to happen, even though it hasn't happened yet.

If you've ever stumbled down the stairs after thinking that you'd already reached the last one, or thought that signing Barry Zito for $126 million was a good deal, you know the feeling.

A book that my brother Sam bought me for Christmas a few years ago proclaimed that Khalil Greene would be the best short stop in the history of the Padres, "potentially".  While there haven't been a ton of guys for Khalil to compete with in that category, he definitely left San Diego on a sour note, breaking his hand and striking out 100 times in 105 games in 2008.  The book was written after the '06 season.  Go figure.

I remember watching Chris Davis play in Round Rock (Rangers AAA affiliate) and think, "this guy will do great in the majors."  Then he didn't.  He was pretty bad, actually.  Bad enough for the Rangers to give up on the failed prospect and ship him off to Baltimore.  Oops.  A few years ago, I heard the pundits say that AJ Pierzynski was finished and had nothing in the tank.  A great '12 season in Chicago got him a new contract in Arlington, and he's not doing that bad either.

Remember when Dale Murphy won back to back MVPs and it seemed like the path to Cooperstown was certain?  Well, I don't, seeing as how I was born the year after he won the second one.  Still, from what I've read/heard of those who watched him play those seasons, he looked to be one of the all-time greats.  Even though he's a great guy and was a great player (and a recent addition to my Player Collection), it looks like he'll be shut out of Cooperstown for now.

Brown and yellow in baseball were synonymous with the Padres for a while, and in the 80s when they moved to brown and orange, it looked like brown would still be sticking around a while.  While I still liked the early 90s uniforms, I would've preferred sticking with the brown if I knew that it would devolve into the copy cat Brewers uniforms that they're using now.

Last year, the Padres said that they were ready to make Chase Headley the highest paid player in team history.  I think that might've been a lot of lip service for (what was left of) the fan base, since it didn't get taken care of during the offseason, and Chase said that he didn't want to negotiate during the regular season.  Would his play have suffered as much this season (.236 average, 7 homers, 37 RBI) if he had secured a solid contract.  Maybe.  But it looks like the Padres didn't jump the gun, and in doing so, dodged a bullet.  I still like him, but don't want to pay a kings ransom to keep him.  Cory Luebke was projected to be the Opening Day starter in 2012, and is still on the DL from Tommy John surgery last year.  

Anyways, all of these cards come from Captain Canuck of the Waxaholic blog.  I sent him a bunch of Braves and he sent me a bunch of Padres.  He also included a few unopened packs of cards, including 1991 Topps.  I started collecting in '92, so '91 seemed like "old stuff" to me.  The cardstock in '92 was so much better than in '91 that I didn't even bother with it.  Still, opening a fresh (sorta) pack made me see what a lot of collectors like about this set.

This was my favorite card from the set, as I collect any cards with players named "Rock" on it.

The impetus for this trade was actually a pair of 1991 Fleer cards that I needed to complete the set.  Even though I started my set blog for '91 Fleer (Yellow Cardboard is the name, if you haven't checked it out yet), I wasn't technically done with it yet.  I kinda jumped the gun because I wanted to start writing.

An example of the brilliance that is '91 Fleer, and a pair of fitting cards for the set.  Frank Thomas was one of the dominant sluggers of the early 90s, and the Braves were one of the early 90s dominant teams.  Glad to fit both into the vacant spots in the pages.

Sometimes jumping the gun pays off, after all.  Thanks Captain!


  1. Oh, Khalil.. :/ He's got some HR and RBI records for a Padre SS, at least, right? But yeah, he always seemed to be on the cusp, but never seemed to be able to turn the corner to becoming a good player.

  2. Both of those '91 Fleers are money. Especially the Big Hurt. I wasn't lucky enough to pull that one back 22 years ago, but I remember getting his Topps card that same year and thinking I had won the lottery.