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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Good Old Foster

I've started to accumulate a few more non-Padres cards recently.  One of the additions is to my growing "Foster" collection.  As some of you may know, my son's name is Foster, so I've tried to scare up some cards of players with that name.  I've scored a few George Foster cards, and I have most of Alan Foster's cards during his Padre days.  But I didn't have any cards of players with Foster as a first name.

Then I came across this one:

 This is my very first 1958 Topps card.  Can't imagine that I'll be acquiring too many of these, as the Padres weren't in the MLB yet, and Jerry Coleman is the only player from the 50's that I sorta collect.  Though I might be in the minority, I'm not a huge fan of the '58 set.  However, I do like the far off look against the yellow background.  It works well.

Since I mostly got this card for the name, I'll mention that I like the name Castleman as well.  When we were first choosing names, one of the early favorites for a middle name was "Coleman", after Jerry Coleman. It has kind of the same ring as Castleman, right?  We ended up choosing the name of my wife's grandfather, who we both admire.

Love the cartoons on the back, though it could do with some more detailed stats.  I've never been one for minor league stats if they've been in the big leagues more than a couple of years.

Castleman himself was a light hitting infielder who played with the New York Giants for four seasons before finishing his career with a season in Baltimore.  He played third base, second base, and short stop, spending most of his time in New York at third, and most of his time at short in Baltimore.  He finished his five year career with a .205 batting average, to go along with 20 homers (14 of which came in 1956) and 65 RBI.

Don't really have too much to say about this one, other than that it's my oldest Topps card (I have some earlier Bowman and Mother's Cookies cards, though), and it's a fine addition to my Foster collection.

Now I gotta go take care of that kid.  My wife took Harper out for a treat because she did a good job in her first week of potty training.  Don't think I won't be mentioning that soon.  No pictures of that, though, at least ones that are too gross to share.

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  1. Whenever I see the Foster Castleman card, I'm reminded of the hilarious passage from the BB card book all bloggers should read (and own), "The Great American BB Card Flipping, Trading, and Bubble Gum Book"....the excerpt is reprinted here:http://apple.ease.lsoft.com/scripts/wa-pluto.exe?A2=ind9904A&L=strat-bb&F=&S=&P=258751