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Friday, July 12, 2013

Goin' International

I recently completed my first trade with Sportscards From The Dollar Store, who also happens to have a zistle account.  I jumped on the zistle bandwagon for a little bit to try to finish off my '91 Fleer set (that bubble mailer should be arriving any day now), and figured that while I was there, I'd see what else was on the market.  Enter Buckstore Cards.

I'm always hesitant to trade with collectors who are also into hockey, since it seems like I don't always have a lot to offer them, but I sent over a bunch of this year's Topps flagship that he needed and sprinkled a few other cards off his wantlist in as well.

Oh, and he lives in Canada, which is why I chose to start off the post with the James Darnell card, an "International" parallel from last year's Bowman.

This Gwynn gets me closer to completing the Topps Timeline for Mr. Padre.  Tomorrow's post will show two more flagship Gwynn's, which leaves me only one short - 1995.  This is far from my favorite Gwynn card (most great Gwynn's feature him with a bat in his hand), and not one of my favorite designs either, but a Gwynn is a Gwynn.

Two more additions to the Player Collection binder!  I mostly prefer the goofy or weird cards from the early 90s Studio catalog (see Jose Lind), but this Benes card is alright.  I love this McGriff card.  Good close up of one of the great home run hitters of the early 90s.

Some additions to the "third tier" player collections.  I guess "third tier" might sound like a slight to Harper and Radinsky, but acquiring their cards is a bonus, not always a top priority.  Really diggin' this Harper card, though.  Just like most great Gwynn's show him hitting, all great Harper's show him in his catcher's gear.

There were a handful of this year's Topps cards that I wanted for the binders.  This was my favorite of the bunch.  Jumped on the Derek Holland bandwagon in 2011, and even though he had a less-than-stellar year in '12, he seems to have righted the ship, currently with a 7-4 record and a 3.19 ERA, which is pretty good considering the ballpark he pitches half of his games in.

These were the two oldest cards in the Canadian bubble mailer.  If I was looking to add more players to the Player Collection binder, Goose would be the next in line.  Looking pretty young here.  This is also my third George Foster card, all of which feature him in a Mets uniform.  He did play for the Reds for most of his career, right?  Either way, I'm diggin' the sideburns.

The highlight of the whole lot, however, was a card that I had never even heard of before looking at Buckstore Card's tradelist:

Fred McGriff's card from the Blue Jay's Fan Club from 1990!  Pretty cool oddball set that this California kid had never heard of.

Love the backs of these too, very reminiscent of the 1992 Padres D.A.R.E. set that I got recently.  Especially like the logo of the "Ministry of the Solicitor General" on the bottom left.  Also, very specific with the M.L. service time, at three years and nine days.

Thanks for the trade, especially that sweet McGriff!  Hopefully my end of the deal will get to you quickly!

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