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Friday, July 5, 2013

Getting Habitual

There are things that I never used to think about that have now become habitual.  Since becoming a parent, it's been changing diapers and getting Disney songs stuck in my head.  Since becoming a teacher, it's been deciphering the scribbles of students who forgot to put their name on their paper to figure out who it belongs to.

Since becoming a card blogger, it's been checking the mailbox, and being on the receiving end of some blogger charity.  Such was the case on Wednesday when I ripped into a package from a new-to-me blog, My Cardboard Habit.  J. Meeks, a die-hard Ranger fan and owner of some fine pieces of cardboard, was willing to part with some sweet Padre cards to get them to get them into the hands of "someone that will actually enjoy them."  

Count these as two cards that I definitely enjoyed!  This is my fourth Gwynn relic and first of CQ.  From what I can tell, Carlos isn't even included in the Gypsy Queen base set, but he get's the mini-relic treatment here.  Has anybody tried to free one of these mini-cards from their plastic cells?  I wouldn't do it to these ones, of course, but I kinda wonder what a "freed" version of these mini's would look like.

He also took care of all but one of this year's Heritage cards that I "needed".  I'm a big fan of Brandon Phillip's defense and everything about Jeremy Guthrie, and the Lowrie card was the last one that I needed to complete the Heritage Astros team set.  There was another Heritage card that actually sparked the whole trade, but that one will get it's own post, hopefully soon.

From digging through the archives of his blog, I found out that Mr. Meeks has a thing for this year's Gypsy Queen set.  I'm a little less in love with it, and have managed to avoid ripping any packs of it so far, a resolution that I think I'll be able to keep, given it's price and availability in these parts.  While I'm not sure that this Yasmani Grandal auto will have a permanent residency in the binders, given his history of PED usage, this is still a pretty slick looking card.  I think we can all agree that the "on card" autos are waaay better than the ones of the sticker variety.

Not to say that all sticker autos aren't cool.

Was anybody else aware that Padres GM Josh Byrnes had an autographed card in last year's Topps set?  Were any other general managers included?  Can't say that I'd want an autographed card of many of the other Padres GM's, but Josh Byrnes made the trade that brought Yonder Alonso to San Diego, so that's pretty cool (it was a much cooler trade before I became soured on Volquez and Grandal, and Boxberger still seems like he needs some time to mature).  Anyways, this is a cool and pretty unique addition to the collection.

I was only able to send a handful of things to my new North Texas trading partner, but hopefully I can find some good Rangers to send up his way soon enough.

Thanks again for the trade!  Hopefully the Padres can get back on a winning track tonight against the Nationals.  Losing six games in a row is bad enough for me.


  1. Sweet cards. I know Jon Daniels Rangers GM has an auto on last year's Topps.

  2. Thought you'd like to know that I've got custom Heritage cards of Denorfia & Blanks up on my blog...