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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Easy As 1-2-3

Last year, in the inaugural year of this here blog, the summer months were periods of low activity.  After summer school was over, we packed up and headed back to San Diego to visit family.  Posts were fewer and further between, and though I still read most nights, I was focused on other stuff.

This year, we aren't going anywhere.  Summer school is over and it looks like we'll be sticking around here all summer.  It'd be nice to do some traveling, even if it's just to Austin to see a band, or to Round Rock to catch a minor league game, but finances and kids might even get in the way of that.  While it's kind of a bummer, it's also just where we are in life.  No sense in complaining, this is mostly just the season of our life.

Anyways, that's a round about way of saying that there may be more than the usual post-per-day.  I mean, I'm helping out around the house and everything, but my down time has definitely increased, compared to during the school year.  I'm sure extra down time probably sounds good to most of you right now, so I won't complain about it, though I wish there was more to occupy my time.  That'll come soon enough.

Well, onto more cards!  I got a package today from my buddy Mark at This Way To The Clubhouse...  Whenever I bust open a trade package, my mind starts breaking down the contents into different sections.  These sections are usually dictated by the binder that the cards will be put into.  Though there was lots of great cardboard, here are the three categories that the cards fell into...

Section #1 - Set needs.  I'm not trying to put together this year's Heritage set, but there were some cards from that set that I wanted to track down.  The majority of them, of course, were Padres, but there are also a few other major leaguers that I like to add to the binders when I can.  Pat Neshek doesn't get into as many sets as he should, especially for a player who also is an avid collector!  Very glad to slide this card into the "Organized By Sets" binder (okay, it's a working title).

Section #2 - Padres!  Okay so these are the most prevalent cards that I get in trade packages.  Who needs all these "random" Padre cards?  Well, I do!  This was my favorite pair of Padres from the bunch.  Randy Jones isn't well represented in my binders, as I counted only five cards of his.  Well, make it six now.  Bip Roberts rookie card?  Gotta have it!  I didn't realize that he was included in the "Traded" set from '86, a very nice addition indeed.

Section #3 - Player Collections - I think that the majority of my Erstad collection has come from Delaware-area card shows.  They're probably becoming hard to find because of him.  But the East Coaster's loss is my gain.  Joyner is one of my "second tier" guys that I'm slowly building a collection of.  Like The Bipper, I thought that he made his Topps debut in 1987, but he was included in the '86 Traded set as well.

My second favorite card of the whole lot, though (showing the favorite tomorrow) is the McGriff card from '87 Fleer.  I'm not a huge fan of the design of this set, but it works great with those Blue Jay uniforms.  This is the second '87 McGriff card in my collection, the oldest Crime Dog's that I've got.  Still in search of his true rookie card, from '86 Donruss.  A great post on that card can be found here, at a blog I've recently come across, Baseball Card Breakdown.  Definitely worth checking out.

Included with the wonderful cardboard, was something that I've been slacking on lately - a personalized note.  I used to pride myself in writing something worth reading in trade packages, even if it was short.  I'm usually in a rush to get to the post office, so I just scribble something fast and toss it into the mailer.  Even though it's short, nice to see words from my out of state buddy, Mark.

Thanks again!


  1. Neshek is one of my favorites! Had the privilege of meeting him a few years ago. Great guy!

  2. You're welcome!

    And, yes, it's true, there is an "Erstad drought watch" in effect throughout the First State. (But, I don't think anyone has noticed yet.) What the heck am I gonna do when I'm done buying up all the Erstads and Benitos???

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  4. Thanks for the link/plug! :)

    Love the Bip. I've got his '86 Donruss The Rookies card, and yeah, I often forgot he had cards back then. I guess it was a Rule-5 draft thing were he had to be with the big league club all year, afterwards they sent him back to the minors for more seasoning.