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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's pretty late here in central Texas, but it's July and I'm a school teacher, so what do I have to be doing tomorrow anyways?  The Padres just beat the Reds on a walk off, pinch hit, two run home run off closer Aroldis Chapman!  And who provided the late inning heroics?

My man Chris Denorfia!

I don't mean to gloat or rub it in the Reds fans' faces, rather, I'm just celebrating that my favorite Padre got put in to pinch hit and had a game winning home run off a pretty dominant closer.  Can't say that it's going to happen very often, or even ever again, so I'm going to enjoy the moment.  Luckily the kids were already sound asleep, I might've woken them up with my stifled cheer.

Since Deno was a Reds prospect back in the day, and the game was against Cincinnati tonight, I figured I'd toss up his a Heritage card from his days as a Redleg.  I'd like to say that the more recent version of Denorfia's Heritage card is better looking, but the Reds uniforms look too classic against the light blue, while the Padres uniforms look kinda lame here.

Still, a Padres win is definitely worth celebrating.  Three in a row, as a matter of fact.  It's a huge longshot to get back into the NL West race, but it'd be really nice to finish with a winning record.  I've heard Deno's name in a few trade rumors, but I really hope he stays with the team.

Anyways, back to your lives.  I probably need to get some sleep.

EDIT: Looking on MLB.com, turns out that there were four teams that had walk off wins tonight, including three home runs.  Pretty impressive!

EDIT PART II: Denorfia only has two other walkoff hits in his career.  One was against Brian Fuentes of the Rockies when he was still a Red in 2006.  The other was on September 25, 2010, when he hit a game winning double off... Aroldis Chapman.

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