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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Card Draft Results: Rounds 4 & 5

Alright, this is the last Results post.  The Backstop interns have been rehired, and are currently researching to see if this is the first four-post day in franchise history.  The jury is still out, but all signs point to "yes".

Let's jump in shall we?  Even though I'm not as old and geezerly as some bloggers, I've got to get my rest for the Fourth of July.  You know, parades and fireworks and stuff.


#19 B&G - Cliff Bartosh is a guy that I've never heard of.  Turns out that this is a zero-year card, seeing as how he spent 53 games in the bigs (over two seasons) with the Indians and Cubs.  This card is serial numbered to 100, which isn't too shabby.  Bartosh was born in West, TX, a town devastated in April by a fertilizer plant explosion.  I've driven past it a few times.  God bless those people.

#20 Joe - How many people look at this and say "Yes!  Bill Campbell!"  Well, maybe a few Sawks fans, but for the rest of us, this is a Rollie Fingers card.  Here he is, looking very calm and dapper, sporting the brown and gold, as well as his trademark 'stache.  Never saw Rollie pitch, but I havta think that he was a little less intense than some of today's closers who act like they just won the lottery every time they get the last three outs of a game that their team was already winning.

#21 Fantastic Catch - Last round, Weston took the Jake Peavy card from Upper Deck Masterpieces, this time he snags another Friar from the same set - Greg Maddux.  I can't remember if I've ever mentioned it on this blog, but my new all time favorite stat is called "The Maddux".  Check it out.

#22  Lost Collector - Even though this is a blurry photo, this is kinda what this card looks like, since it's a 3-D card.  Can't remember the specifics on this one, but it's pretty cool.  You know, in hand.

#23 Nick - Oh Heath Bell.  Remember when you were in San Diego?  You were great and everybody loved you.  You did cool things like wear Yoda backpacks and sprint from the bullpen.  In the All-Star Game, you got people talking about San Diego, even if it was just for a little bit.  I wish you had stayed, and I know you wanted to, but you could tell ownership wasn't having it.  They said you were too expensive, but then payed similar money to Huston Street.  What gives?  Anyways, Heath, in my heart, you're still a Padre, and this card is a great memory of those times.  Wish he hadn't been traded to the NL West.

#24 Swing - The string of '69 Topps that Mr. Swing had going for him ends now, as we see the first entry from '71 Topps.  Love the design of this set, and recently completed the Padres team set.  Still need to do that post.  It's a toss-up between this and the Diamond Parallel of Heath Bell for my favorite cards of this round.  Call it a draw.


#25 Swing - In case you couldn't tell, the strategy used by Mr. Swing was "oldest cards first", and we now jump from '71 Topps to '76 Topps.  Also a fan of this set, really love the name plate with the player and the team colors.

#26 Nick - How awesome is Tony Gwynn?  Awesome enough that 1992 Fleer Ultra had a whole subset devoted to him.  I have all ten cards, including two doubles, of cards #1 and 2.  Nick snagged one this round, and would snag the other one in round 6.

#27 Lost Collector - If you've read AJ's blog, you'll know that he's compiling a binder of Hall Of Fame players.  While Bochy was the catcher for the Padres for a few years, he is most known for his managerial skills.  Is he a Hall of Fame candidate?  How many current managers are better than Bruce? This card is from the 1996 Mother's Cookies set, the year the Padres swept the last three games of the season from LA to win the NL West.  Boch would also win Manager of the Year.  Great card, great set.

#28 Fantastic Catch - Just like that, the Padres team set of Upper Deck Masterpieces is done.  At least I think so.  The only other Padre card I've seen from this set is a combo card of Gwynn and Ripken Jr.  Tony's looking pretty trim here, no?  Perhaps a little artistic license?  No, this was from his earlier days before he took time from his workouts to watch video.  Looks like it paid off.

#29 Joe - Oddball Gwynn's rule!  I'm not sure how this card was distributed, but that's pretty cool if they just tossed them in boxes of granola bars.

#30 B&G - Duff snagged a low serial numbered card last round, and snags a higher serial numbered card this round.  I believe it's /3,000, and has Todd Walker on the back of the card.  In this case, who needs to look at the back of the card?

Well, that's it!  I had fun putting this together, hopefully I can get these packages out in a timely manner.  Tomorrow isn't a possibility, since it's our nation's birthday (USA!  USA!), but hopefully sometime over the weekend.

I had considered choosing an "honorable mention" from each of the six drafters, cards that should get a mention here before getting shipped off, but I wanted there to be some element of surprise.  Don't want to spell the whole thing out for everybody.

So instead, I'll post the cards that didn't get chosen by anyone, and didn't get tossed in as filler.  These I'll hold onto for another day, another draft, or another trade.

Lots of Gold and Chrome in them thar hills.

Thanks again to all those who participated, you made it fun!

Now an episode of White Collar and I'm hittin' the hay.


  1. Love the Bell! Excited I got him and the pair of Ultra Gwynns as well. That '93 SP Gwynn would've been my #1 pick had I not found it in a dime box a couple months ago.

    Thanks for running this draft, Marcus! Twas a ton of fun.

  2. Thanks for having this! It was a lot of fun!