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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Card Draft Results: Round 1

Late last night I got the final draft list for the Free Padre Card Draft, so I was able to put the lists together and see what happened.  I'm glad that I elected to stay up a little late to organize everything, since our house gets kinda chaotic during the day, and spreading out cardboard on the kitchen table can be a dangerous proposition.

Anyways, I think I'll post up the results of the first few rounds throughout the day, as a teaser to those who participated, as well as a "see what you missed!" to those who thought they were too cool for school to join in.

Thanks to the drafters, six bloggers from around our community; Swing And A Pop Up, Dimebox Nick, The Lost Collector, Fantastic Catch, From An Unlikely Source!, and Bleedin' Brown and Gold.

First off, I decided to do the draft order in the order that I got everybody's list in.  Second, it was a snake draft, which I think made my job a little harder (just how my brain works), so I would probably just do a straight draft each time.

Well, enough jibba jabba, onto our results from Round One!

#1 - Swing - With the first pick of the Free Padre Card Draft, from 1969 Topps, Ivan Murrell!  I just wrote that using my Roger Goodell voice.  I know he's the commissioner of football, but the MLB Draft is as boring as watching paint dry, while the NFL version is slightly less so.  Anyways, hard to go wrong with vintage as your first pick, a trend that would continue in the first few rounds, and would be a strategy for Mr. Swing throughout the draft.

#2 - Nick - This is what I loved about this draft; seeing the cards that everybody was interested in.  Nick eschews vintage and autographs in favor of a sweet action shot from 2013 Opening Day.  Yesterday, I mentioned looking forward to my end of the year "Best of 2013" countdown, and I can almost guarantee that this card will be on there.  In case you weren't aware, Quentin was out by a mile on this play, but knocked the ball loose to score the go-ahead run.  Retro uniforms make it even better.

#3 - Lost Collector - There were two autographed cards in the draft, both went in the first round.  This is probably the "better" one of the lot, though a career 3-7 record with a 5.96 ERA isn't great.  He also never played for the Padres, both years of his MLB career spent in Florida.

#4 - Fantastic Catch - Weston is one of the younger bloggers out there, so I was surprised to see him going after some vintage as well.  I know he's all about the latest and greatest (usually Cardinals), so picking something from a few decades before he was born seemed a little out of character.  Then I checked again who it was.  I wonder how much the name factored into his selection.  Bill McCool is a pretty... cool sounding name.

#5 - Joe - And with this selection, the last autograph is off the board.  Murray, shown here playing for... some team, went on to have a record of 2-15 with a 6.41 ERA in the majors, playing for the Padres, Tigers, and Indians from '97 to '02.  After 30 seconds on Google, I couldn't determine wether or not he is related to Bill Murray, but apparently neither of them will be starring in Ghostbusters 3.

#6 - B&G - Last pick of the first round, and we're back where we started; glorious vintage.  Being that it was the Padres first year in the big leagues, most of the players wearing hats in the '69 Topps set had them blacked out.  If you were to "un-airbrush" his hat, you'd see a "NY" on his cap, as he was taken from the Mets with the... 5th pick of the draft.

Well, that's it for the first round!  I have pictures for a few more rounds, I just gotta add this unreadable commentary and then I'll be posting.  I can count on one hand the number of multi-post days that I've had this year, but this will be one of 'em!

See ya in Round Two.


  1. Cool! Medina stuck out to me since he was originally in the Yankees system but traded to SD in the Irabu deal.

  2. I've never been called Mr. Swing before. I kind of like it.

  3. So glad I got the Quentin. Definitely one of the best cards of 2013 thus far!