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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blue & Gold

This post title is not in reference to the Cub Scouts annual anniversary dinner, nor is is a post about the Chargers - I only have room in my life for one pathetic San Diego sports team that's going to break my heart (sorry to sound bitter, the Padres winning one game out of the last ten will do that to a guy).

No, it describes some cardboard that's arrived in my mailbox the past few days.  We'll start off with some cards from this year...

The Kurt Suzuki card cost a buck on eBay.  Was the cheapest of the blue slate cards I was able to find. I'm a fan of Suzuki for a few different reasons.  One being that he's a catcher, and had some pretty decent years with the A's.  I thought he'd be a guy that might have a chance to spend most of his career with one team, but he got dealt to the Nationals (who beat the Pads last night).  I'm also a fan because we went to Cal State Fullerton at the same time.  He's a bit older than me, and I was only there for a year, and I never even went to a baseball game there.  Still, it was a good time, and is more of a connection than I have to most MLB players.  Anyways, these look really cool, as blue and sparkly as you'd hope they'd be.  Hopefully I'll land a Friar soon, I'd like to find one of a card that I really like, like  Gyorko's rookie card, Quentin's play at the plate, or Everth's dive.  Nothing against Dustin Moseley or anything.

The "gold" part of the mailday came courtesy of AJ, The Lost Collector.  This adds to my Yonder Alonso player collection, and gets me all of the "more common" parallels of Alonso's base card (red, blue, emerald, gold).  Haven't scored any of those other fancy ones (besides the Suzuki you see above), so those might be a long time comin'.

He also snuck in another goldish looking card of a guy who is better known for wearing Dodger blue.  Fernandoooooooo!  Love this card, though I wish they had made the player's names a little more noticeable.  

Okay, so technically it might not be "gold", but I also knocked out a big chunk of my 1991 Fleer needs, courtesy of The Todd Father AKA Tim.  I forgot how many, but he added more than an inch and a half of yellow cardboard to the box.

Here are some of the "highlights".  Kinda like the off center McRae, the posed Hammond with the stadium in the background, and the Clark in full gear by the dugout.

His massive donation leaves me three cards short of the set, which are en route via a zistle trade with another blogger that should be here shortly.  That'll be cool to finish.

I also scored a few other cool cards from AJ and Tim, including some new additions to the Trevor Hoffman & Khalil Greene PC's, respectively.  Thanks again for all the great stuff guys!

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