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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All-Star Rant

I don't think I do a lot of ranting on this blog.  I know most of you just come here for the incredibly witty commentary and pictures of sweet cardboard.  Today, I'm going to get on my soapbox (how many more years until this is a term that isn't understood by the majority?).

I was listening to the radio yesterday and a sports talk guy was going off on the All-Star game and how it was just ridiculous that every team had to have a representative.

The wheels in your head are already spinning, aren't they?  You're already thinking, "well, it sounds like this blogger didn't agree with the guy, so he is obviously in favor of having a rep for all thirty teams."  Then you start looking for rationale.  "Well, he's a fan of a team that (outside of a few guys named Winfield, Gwynn, and Hoffman) has been traditionally void of star talent, so he must just be saying this because he wants to see his precious Padres in a game they don't deserve.  What a homer!"

Well, hey!  Stop thinking and hear me out!

You're only partially right in that I (of course) want the possibility of flipping on the game and seeing a guy in a Padres uni playing with the best in the game (though the last two years, the Padres rep hasn't seen any playing time).

I keep hearing phrases like "this is just an exhibition game" and "this should be all about the fans".  And do you know what?  I agree with those sentiments.

If I'm an Astros fan (one of the few teams having a more miserable season than the Padres), what's my incentive to watch the ASG?  To be reminded of all the start talent that my team can't afford?  If your answer is "to see the best in the game", well guess what?  We see them all the time!  Click on the MLB website and you'll see dozens of highlights of the MLB All-Stars, playing for their home teams.

The beauty of baseball is that if you lose ten straight games (like the Padres have done this year) you always have another chance to win tomorrow.  And on any given day, a guy can get hot (see Phil Humber or any of the other "out of nowhere" guys who've pitched no-hitters).  Wouldn't it be cool to see what one of your guys could do against the best in the game?  Are Travis Wood or Jason Castro the best All-Star selections ever?  Do they deserve a All-Star bid more than Yasiel Puig just because they're on bad teams?  No and no.

But if the game is about the fans, shouldn't all the teams be represented?  South Dakota gets less electoral votes than Texas, but they still have a say, they're not completely discounted.  I know it's not totally the same, but anyways, that's the end of my rant.

As you were.


  1. The gripe around these parts is the joke that the All-Star Game has become, mostly due to the fact that the winner receives home field advantage in the World Series.

  2. The "This Time It Counts" deal has soured a lot of people on the ASG and they choose to consider it a "joke" because of that.

    I choose to disregard it because I don't like being cranky about what was a highlight of my summer when I was a kid. Besides all the crazy extra stuff that they do surrounding the game and the fact that a pitcher can't throw for more than 2 innings for fear he'll be ruined for life, the ASG is pretty much just as I remember watching it in the '70s.

    I like that there is a representative for every team. It was cool then, it's cool now. I know it's a little more difficult to get all the deserving players on the team if we've got to pick somebody from the Marlins, but really, who are we hurting? Is that one guy from Boston or L.A. really going to change the game's outcome that much? Is the player going to be scared for life if he isn't picked? It's a lot of talk about junk.

    Let K.C. or Houston have their player, radio crankypants.

  3. Not only should there be a representative from each team... I think that they should go back to wearing their own club's home or road uniform. I loved watching Tony Gwynn in his Padres jersey face off against Rickey Henderson in his A's jersey when I was a kid.