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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A 12 Hitter

As you may have heard, the Padres were no-hit by Tim Lincecum last night, adding insult to injury, as the Giants offense had no trouble posting nine runs against some pretty pathetic Padre pitching (points for alliteration?).  A few posts ago, I mentioned that the Padres were doing miserable, and that their 10-1 loss was the lowest point of the season.  It only took them a game to prove me wrong.

However, there are 162 games in the season, and a 9-0 no hitter counts the same in the loss column as a 3-2 squeaker.  And unlike football, you don't (usually) have to wait more than a few days until your team gets a shot at redemption.

Today, the Padres flipped the script on the Gigantes, winning 10-1, led by the pitching of Eric Stults (the most reliable guy in the rotation) and four count 'em four homers (Chris Denorfia, Will Venable, Nick Hundley, and Carlos Quentin).

In honor of what is becoming a rare event (a Padres win), here are 12 cards that have made their way to my mailbox the past few days, the same number of hits the Friars notched today.

First up, a PWE from fellow Padre fan TTG.

Love me some little known Padre catchers.  I suppose to the non-Padre fan, everybody not named "Benito" is a "little known Padre catcher".  Not entirely inaccurate, but be nice.  Anyways, mask in hand, strapped into his gear, this is a tough shot to top.  The icing on the cake is the '92 All Star Game patch on the left sleeve.  Go Dan.

A quartet of other fine Friars that made their way into the binders.  Love the shots of Bip turning two two and Plantier getting... angry (maybe, hurt or constipated were my other guesses)?  The Benes is a good addition to the PC, and the Ben Davis card is added for my own morbid amusement with Padres rookies who don't pan out.  Somehow he was awarded with the Rookie Cup in the middle of this card, a pick more done for potential than actual results.  At least the guy knew how to wear his socks, though.

Oh, and here's the flipside of the Walters card.  Channeling Tim Tebow?

Next up, another batch of cards from a Buc fan named Brian.  Pirates for Padres doesn't just sound good, it is good.

I love these emerald parallels.  If for some reason you have one and haven't traded it to me yet, be a pal and check out the wantlist to see if I still need it.  I've got most of Series 1 taken care of, but only have a few from Series 2.  Emerald parallels > the rest of this year's parallels.  Good looking shot of Chase as well, though he didn't contribute to the team's hit total today.

Not all of the cards have to be Friars, man!  Love me some Paul Konerko.  Paulie is 37 this year, and his numbers are tailing off, but his seven homers this year give him 422 as a White Sock, and 429 altogether.  Also, a rare '72 mini that I like - Altuve in orange.  Can't get enough of those bright orange Astros unis.

I feel like I keep using the word "love" in this post.  I guess getting a win against a guy that has an 0-6 record/9.89 ERA on the road just has me giddy (thanks Zito).  Anyways, another "random" Padre he tossed in was Joey Hamilton, a guy who pitched the Padres into the playoffs a few times.  Even though I'm not totally big on following Padres after they leave San Diego, how could you not like the retro Halos uniforms that Ernesto Frieri is rocking?  Plus, we got Alexi Amarista in the trade, so that's one that sits well with me.

Last from the stack is Chris Gomez.  One of my dad's favorite sayings during the late 90s heyday of the Padres was "If loving Chris Gomez is wrong, I don't want to be right."  I agree with him.

Closing out the twelve-pack of cards is an eBay steal of another one of those shiny things that I'm trying to track down.

Seriously, how cool would a whole page of these look?  I mean, I have more than nine of these emeralds, so technically I could put them all into the same binder page, but the small OCD part of me makes me still put the cards from the set in number order.  Anyways, this one set me back 36 cents.  That's less than the cost of the stamp, envelope, and toploader that it took to send it here!  Can't beat that.

I, for one, am glad that the All-Star break is upon us.  It'll be nice to have a few days that aren't clouded by a Padre loss, and hopefully the guys can regroup and get it together.  Not that they're gonna go out and win the NL West or anything, but at least put some runs (or at the very least hits) on the board.

There are only five other teams in the majors with worse records than San Diego, but I'll always say "Go Padres!"

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  1. Sweet cards. I think Dan Walters is the only Padre I ever got an in-person autograph from. It was right after he first got called up, I believe, and was doing a random signing at a small card show at a synagogue or something not far from my house. I happened to have a minor league card from him (not sure if he had any real cards out yet at the time), so I took that down there and got it signed. Not the most interesting story, but eh, it's not often Dan Walters' name comes up!