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Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Heritage Update - DIY Style

Everth Cabrera is back off the DL, and the main catalyst to the Padres success from May to June went 1 for 14 (.071) in his first July series for San Diego.  Hopefully he can get back into All-Star form (he's the Pads rep in New York this year) sooner rather than later... or never.

Anyways, the Padres have been decimated by injuries, but one thing they haven't been decimated by (yet) is trades.  The only trade the Padres front office has made has been for utility man Pedro Ciriaco.  It was a good call picking him up a few days before Cabrera got hurt.

He's had some good moments as a Friar, but I'm not sure that he's got a long-term spot on the roster.  Soooooooo... I decided to commemorate his tenure with a custom card and add it to the 2013 Heritage Padres team set portion of a binder.  Here's how I did it, low-tech style...

Found one of the cards that I had duplicates of (in this case, I had quadruples of Gregerson, so I didn't feel too bad creating a Cardboard Massacre on the kitchen table).  With the '64 style of this year's Heritage set, there aren't any team logos on the card border, just a colored nameplate across the bottom and the team name across the top.  So, off went the "Padres"...

add a little glue over the "Red Sox" name, and BAM!  Instant "Heritage Update"!  Okay, the nameplate has the wrong color scheme, but Ciriaco's not wearing a hat, and the jersey could easily pass for the Padres road gray, so I'll chalk this one up as a win.  Sorry if anybody was offended by the carnage of a dismembered piece of cardboard.

For a more original and high-tech version of "Heritage Update", head on over to the Shlabotnik Report.  A post written there asked for suggestions of worthy players who weren't included in this year's Topps Heritage checklist, and I submitted two Padre players who have been shut out of every checklist that's come out so far.  Here's the great work that came back...

Like I said, much more original, and if I might add, better.  Every card of Deno is a keeper, and I really love the Blanks card.  Digital camo + lurking image of the Great Western Metal Supply building = awesome.

Check out the original post here!  I'm assuming that nobody else has seen it, since I'm the only one who has commented on the sweetness.

BTW, if anybody is in search of any Heritage cards that actually exist, check out my trade list, I've got a decent amount that are just takin' up space in my trade box.

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