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Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 Heritage Padres Team Set

I finished the Padres team set from this year's Heritage a while ago, and have been waiting for a good time to post about it.  I'm not sure what makes today special, but it seemed like a good day to do it.

I'll go on record as saying that I like Heritage as a brand.  There are some years that I'm not crazy about (most recently 2011), but since the designs are recycled from the 50s and 60s, I don't know if they're worth complaining about.

The way that I've liked doing team set reports involves listing my top five favorite cards, and then showing the whole team set.  Since the majority all of the cards are basically head shots, it wasn't really that easy choosing a top five, but... well, as boring as these five are, the rest were even more so.

How that for hyping it up?
#5 - Andrew Cashner
Nothing too exciting with our first card, but Straight Cash Homey can throw some heat, so the stare down with the fastball grip is a good choice here.  And his beard looks better here than it did in last year's update set.

#4 - Carlos Quentin
I read a lot of critiques about the lack of hats on the ballplayers in this set.  I don't have any original '64 Topps cards, so I can't compare them to this years', and I'm too lazy to do that kinda research for this post, so I'll leave it be.  This gets the #4 spot mostly because I'm jealous that I don't have a head of hair like CQ.  And it definitely wouldn't look like this after wearing a hat and or helmet.  Is it weird to comment on how good another man's hair looks?  No?  Thanks Joe.

3 - Will Venable
Will Venable lands in the middle of the top five for being original.  I can't say that I recall any baseball cards that feature a player wearing a hoody.  I'm going to assume that Will is in a visiting dugout (unless it was one of the rare cold nights in San Diego), but it seems like it could be in a post game press conference.  Maybe not.  Either way, lots of blue in this card.

#2 - Yonder Alonso
Hard to tell what that thing below Yonder's right elbow is.  Regardless, this is still a pretty classy looking pose.  It's been recycled by Topps, as I've seen this image on another card recently.  Can't remember where It was 2012 Topps Triple Threads.  Bonus points for getting the Swinging Friar logo on the shoulder.

#1 - Cameron Maybin
Maybin may be one of my least favorite Padres, but this is a sa-weet looking card.  I'm glad that Topps has used the Padres throwback uniforms in a few cards this year, but no set would be more fitting of a throwback uniform than Heritage.  Chase Headley has a card from this year's Museum Collection set in the 80s uniforms, and Carlos Quentin is in the base set rocking the orange and brown.  Looking ahead to my year end countdown of my favorite cards of 2013, I think all three of those cards will in the running.

Here's the whole team, enough to almost fit in two full pages.

In some vintage sets, I don't include multi-player cards because they're a little pricier, but with the modern sets, I include everything if it's got a Padre on it.  Chase's league leading RBI season seems very long ago, as I keep hearing rumors that he's getting shipped off at the trading deadline.  I like that Bud Black got a manager card, but this one seems kinda boring.  Everth's got some shifty eyes going on here, fitting for someone who makes is money stealing (bases).

Whereas CQ was showing off his thick head of hair, Yasmani Grandal's dome is experiencing some thinning.  Mine doesn't look that thin, but my hairline is receding more.  Ali Solis was a Padre prospect in 2012, and the Pirates picked him up off waivers last year.  I wonder if this was originally supposed to be an all-Padre card, but once the Pirates nabbed him, they did some air-brushing.  Luke Gregerson would've made the top five cut if it was showing his mustache from last year.  It is pretty awesome.

Anyways, there are all of the Padres cards found in this year's Heritage set.  There are also more Chase Headley cards that I've shown before.  Once I can track down one more parallel, I'll do a post on those.

Seems like Heritage came out a while ago, huh?

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  1. Nice! I haven't got around to getting these yet; the only one I have so far is the Ali Solis/ Casey Kelly one. Speaking of nice heads of hair, Kelly has quite the pelo as well.