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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

20 Year Old Designs

In thinking about my feelings towards this year's Archives set, I wondered something.  Would my opinion of the set be better if I was a kid during the year's that the set focused on?

My parents were in middle school in '72, I was conceived in '83, and turned one in '85.  I was six in 1990, but still about a year and a half from getting into baseball cards.

So, what set design could've been implemented to get me really interested in this year's Archives set?

The answer would have to be 1993.  I actively collected Topps cards for about two years.  The first was in 1992, when my 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Seipel, passed out packs of cards to students as incentives for doing well.  I got a lot of cards.  I was still riding the wave of Topps cards the next year, and I liked the 1993 set as well.  After that, I got more interested in other sets - Stadium Club, Pinnacle, and Fleer Ultra were some favorites - so as far as I was concerned, Topps peaked (in the 90s) in '93.

Without question, these are my three favorite cards from this year's Archives, all with the '93 design.

I don't have a big connection with any of these players, but still really like the look of these.  I remember picking Hal Morris in some of my "Triple Play" games for PC (did anybody else play those?) because I liked his batting stance.  Never really knew a whole lot about Fryman.  Read an article today and found out that, despite all the hype surrounding Salmon (and winning Rookie of the Year), he was never an All-Star.

I'm not sure how different these cards are from their originals, since I'm sure all three were included in the original '93 Topps set.  But it still makes me smile to see the design, and know that it's being seen by others 20 years later.

20 years?  Has it been that long?

By the way if you haven't checked out the appropriately titled 1993 Topps Blog, you should do yourself a favor.  And check it out.  As far as "set" blogs go, it's a goodie.  Plus, with this one, I've actually heard of the majority of players that are being featured, unlike some of the older ones, where I just click on them when I see that it's a Padre or another player I've heard of.

Also thanks to Mark Kaz for hooking me up with the Fryman card to finish the trifecta, and to Brad for getting me with the Morris a while back.

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  1. Agreed. For me it would be 1978. I was 9, and seeing anything with that desgin makes me happy.