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Monday, June 17, 2013

Trading for Fleer

Well, I hope everybody had a great Father's Day yesterday.  Mine started with pancakes in bed and ended with home made California Pizza Kitchen-style egg rolls, which are stuffed with chicken, bacon, Monterey Jack, avocado,and tomatoes.  If you have the means, I highly suggest stopping by CPK or finding the recipe online.  They are so choice.

Anyways, I got an email a while back from Jeff, a reader who will be starting his own card blog soon.  He referenced a comment I left on another blog about trying to complete the 1991 Fleer set.  He helped me out big time, and even threw in a few Friars to sweeten the deal.

First, some cards that made their way into the "Miscellaneous Padres" binder...

This is my first card of George Hendricks (sorry for covering up your last name, man), who is currently a coach for the Rays and hopefully rocking the sweet 'stache.  Don't have many Gene Richards cards either, but I don't think I have a card that shows a hitter choking up on the bat more than this one.  Definitely just trying to make contact in this photographer's shot.

Jeff also sent a bunch of older Fleer Padres, which are my first from the '82 Fleer set.  Can't say I'm a fan of the design, but the 76 logo between Eichelberger's legs could fit into some "logo-riffic" posts I've been seeing around the blogosphere.

Aaaahhh, onto some sweet, yellow cardboard.  '91 Fleer is in my top five favorite sets of all time, so I'm excited to get closer to finishing it.  Jeff sent me about a hundred cards that I needed, which puts me about 50 or so away from completion.

Digging this trio of Mets here.  Teufel is a coach with the Amazin's now, but he's also a former Padre.  I like the shot of future Marlin Chuck Carr, taken while some fans are making their way to their seats before a game.  I've been a fan if Alejandro Pena since I first heard his name.  Alejandro is fun to say, and I chose it for my "Spanish" name in my senior year Spanish class.

Some more cool shots from the stack that Jeff sent.  How lame must Jeff Treadway feel in this picture?  I can aost hear the photographer saying "Okay, now lower your glove a little mor... A little more... alright, now cover your crotch with your arm and smile.  Great!  Very natural."  And I can respect a good double play turn EVEN if it features a Dodger and EVEN if the Padre getting out is The Bipper.

All in all, a great trade on my end, and I got to unload some Angels on him.  I'm now close to finishing the 91 Fleer set, any extra help would be greatly appreciated!  Here's the needs list:

5, 19, 35, 41, 65, 66, 79, 96, 99
127, 130, 135, 138, 174, 182, 197
207, 214, 233, 239, 256, 286, 288, 295, 296
332, 355, 364, 379, 385, 393, 
406, 418, 451, 455, 492
509, 550, 552, 554, 563, 568, 589
602, 621, 635, 640, 674, 687, 694, 699

C'mon, only 52 cards left!  Help a blogger out!

Oh, and the Padres logo sticker with the history of the team isn't from '91 Fleer, but it's still cool.  Wouldn't mind seeing stickers like this in modern sets.

Thanks again for the trade, Jeff!


  1. Just dug out 6 of them for you, that obnoxious yellow makes me want to put on same shades! Will find some more Friars for you before I send them out...going to see them play the Giants here on Wednesday!

  2. Let me check when I get home. I know I have a box in the basement that's almost a complete set.

  3. I guess I didn't have as many as I thought. You can check 5, 19, 99, 239, 256, 288, 296, 364, 379 and 451 off your list. I'll get them out to you in the next day or so. I'll also check one of our local card shops, as he has 5 baseball dime boxes he's offering this summer and I know I saw some of these bright lil' yellow cards in it.

  4. I have all but three of them, Marcus. Let me know if you're interested.