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Friday, June 28, 2013

Saved Searches

What kinds of "saved searches" do you guys have on eBay?  I have a handful of them, and when I log on though my iPhone, I can see what searches have had items listed recently that match my search (sorry if this is boring, basic stuff for some of you).

Anyways, one of my saved searches is "Colonel", which is a Jerry Coleman search.  Coleman is a legend in every sense of the word - All-Star, World Series Champion (4 times), Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps, decorated fighter in World War II and the Korean War, Hall of Fame radio broadcaster, and is an all around great, humble man.

He played for the Yankees from 1949 to 1957, and has a handful of cards from his playing days.  The first card I ever bought of him was his 1951 Bowman card.  It's not in great shape (here's the post from way back in September), but I still love it.

Here's the most recent addition to my "Colonel" collection...

1955 Bowman #99

It's been well loved, as evidenced by the completely rounded corners, but I think I almost prefer it that way.  For whatever reason, I don't really mind if vintage cards are worn like this one, but it bugs me when they're off-center.  This one is a little bit, but not enough to pass up for $1.74, delivered.  Notice the "Color TV" lettering below the image.  Great image of Jerry from his much younger days.

This picture came out a little blurry, so I'll spell it out for the old timers:

My Biggest Thrill In Baseball
I believe my greatest thrill, and also the most exciting game in which I've played came on the same day.  The setting was the final game of the 1949 season, the Yankees playing the Red Sox with the pennant at stake.  We had a 5-run lead, but the Red Sox kept pecking away until the tying run was at the plate.  I can still see the third out, which was a pop up, and gave us the pennant.

Well worn vintage of my favorite player from the 50's for under two bucks?  I'll take that every day.

Another saved search is titled "Cheapo Padres".  The parameters are cards that have free shipping and are 98 cents or less.  Lots of junk in this section (including a 1993 Topps Gold card of Fred McGriff that is "damaged" that's been listed forever), but occasionally there are some steals to be had.  Like...

2013 Topps Museum Collection #41

This is a sharp looking card.  I'm a fan of the look of the Museum Collection, though I'll never be able to buy a pack of the stuff.  Way outta my price range, and this only cost me 70 cents online.  Can't beat that.  Along with it being Chase Headley, one of my favorite Pads (despite the disappointing start this year), it's also a picture taken from the same game as the picture in my blog heading.  Gotta love those 80s throwbacks.

Here's the back.  Much like Jerry's card, this one is heavy on writing and low on stats.  Not anything to write home about.

Anyways, there's a little look into some of the "saved searches" that I have on my eBay account, maybe worth turning into a series of sorts.  I dunno.

A reminder from yesterday's post as well, if you'd like to take part in the Free Padres Card Draft, be sure to comment on this or yesterday's post.  I'll close the "registration" on Sunday and email the list of free Padre cards to be had on Monday.

By the way, today was my first "real" day of summer vacation, and you'd never think that helping around the house and running errands would be so nice...


  1. I enjoyed Jerry Coleman when he was a Yankee broadcaster back in the day. He and Phil Rizzuto were quite a pair.

  2. I only have one saved search, and I can't tell you what it is or everybody who reads this will also make it a saved search. It's that awesome. Once I get one, I'll fill you in.

    I do search for "Griffey lot" a bunch, though.