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Friday, June 21, 2013

Pedro Who?

The Padres pulled out an awesome win last night against the Dodgers, and it was a great game.  Well, I mean, I guess that depends on the team that you're rooting for, but it was awesome for me.

It started out ominously, with Yasiel Puig lining a Jason Marquis fastball over the fence in the first inning.  Raul Mondesi is the only Dodger who I've ever liked as a Dodger, but I have a feeling that Puig will be joining him.  The dude looks legit.

However, he was outdone in the offense department by a guy that the Red Sox DFA'd and the Padres picked up - some dude named Pedro Ciriaco.

I'll admit, when the move was announced, I wasn't impressed.  "The Padres need pitching, we have plenty of position players," I thought.  Well, injuries to key players have made the move look good so far, as Ciriaco has been hitting well, including the go ahead triple last night, as well as a homer that put the game out of reach.

I don't have any cards of Ciriaco (image stolen from eBay), but if you've got this one or his 2011 Topps card, lemme know, I like the look of those.

I'd be remiss, of course, if I only mentioned the offense from last night's game, because the highlights of the night were all on the defense.  Serious leather was flashed.

I managed to find some GIFs out there, from an article on SB Nation.  Hopefully they don't mind.

First up, a gem by Logan Forsythe, Padres second baseman.  Actually, Forsythe can play most infield positions, but currently he's filling in for 2B Jedd Gyorko.  I'd love to find a way to get him in the lineup more, because the dude is a gamer, and has come up with some clutch hitting as well.  The way Chase Headley is struggling right now, I wouldn't be surprised if he started seeing some time there.

Chris Denorfia is my favorite current Padre (though there are a bunch of guys that I'm falling in like with).  Here's a great example of why.  Later on in the same inning, he managed to track down this foul ball.

Highlight of the night by far, however, was this play by "The Little Ninja", Alexi Amarista.  I was bummed to check out the Topps Series 2 checklist and not see Alexi's name on it.  I've yet to see a card of him in Padres gear, only stuff from his days as an Angels prospect.  Giving up Ernesto Frieri was a bummer, but Alexi's totally been worth it (although seeing the recent meltdowns of Luke Gregerson coupled with the frequent meltdowns of Huston Street make me wish we'd given up somebody else).

Anyways, Will Venable's play in the 12th inning of a game against the Giants from a few nights ago is still the defensive play of the year, but this one is currently in second.


A lot of the Padres are pretty unknown, and they don't get a lot of press nationally (or probably even in San Diego), but they've got some gutsy players.  I'm not in love with all of 'em, but these three guys right here epitomize what I love about this team and this season so far.

Oh, and Puig?  The fastball up that he drilled out of the park was the last one that he saw the whole night, as he ended the game 1-5 with a groundout and three strikeouts, including one by Huston Street to end the game.  Heavy diet of breaking balls.

I got a chuckle out of Mark Grant, Padres colorful commentator, quoting a great scene from a great baseball movie.

"Straightball, I hit it very much.  Curveball, bats are afraid."

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  1. Ciriaco was very good in Boston last year for awhile then started to come back down to Earth. He has not hit well this year and Jose Iglesias made him expendable. That being said, I liked Ciriaco a lot.