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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It is almost 1:30 AM and I am still up watching the Padres play the Giants in the 13th inning.  Props to the Giants fans who are still there, it looks like a chilly, windy night in San Fran.  And a kajillion seagulls on the field.

Anyways, I decided to post this card because Will Venable just made an amazing catch in centerfield with his back to the wall, an all out dive on the warning track that kept the Giants from scoring in the 12th.  Seriously, check MLB.com in the morning, even though they don't give my Padres any love, they'll have to show that one.  

Of all of the cards that I have of Venable, this is the only one with him and his glove.  It's a pretty good one.  Aside from the emerald shiny-ness, I thought it was appropriate because that play was MONEY.

Speaking of cash money, my man Andrew Cashner just got a bunt infield single to get The Little Ninja in from third base to tie the game.

I love this.

Hopefully I can sneak into bed without waking up my wife.


  1. Any play that elicits an "Oh my!" from Dick Enberg is A-OK with me!