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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Massive Mailday

Ever since Summer School ended (Thursday afternoon), my days have all been running together.  Not having a "set" time that I have to be doing this or that has been nice in some ways, while bad in others. Nice in that I can run to the store or post office at my leisure, not having to run quickly after cramming in the last few things off my to-do list at school.  Bad for my hygiene, in that I haven't showered since Thursday morning.  I'm not sure that saying that I've been out and about makes this fact better or worse.

Anyways, enough gross personal details, here's another haul of cards that made their way to my house this weekend.  I suppose that "massive" might be a misleading term, but getting two bubble mailers and an envelope with full of cards is a decent way to celebrate the weekend.

The first load of cards comes from Brad's Blog.  He posted the Hal Morris card you see above for trade, and I jumped at it.  There are three short printed cards from this year's Archives that have the 1993 Topps design.  This is one of them, and I pulled the Tim Salmon card, so the Travis Fryman is all I need to complete the trifecta (insert obvious hint here).

He also included a few fantastic Friar cards, including this Chase Headley card.  Headley is having a less-than-stellar year so far, but hopefully he can turn it around soon.  Either way, I'll still be a fan, dude is a max effort guy and a quality dude - he's the only player who I got autographs from both times I went to Spring Training (2013 and 2012).  The way that Jedd Gyorko and Logan Forsythe are playing, though, might make him expendable, which would be unfortunate.

I've stated my love of the '71 Topps design many times on here.  I find it funny that in 2001, Upper Deck tried to rip off the design and call it "Upper Deck Vintage".  Seeing as how UD first started producing cards in 1989, it's a given that you'd have to be borrowing some ideas to create a "vintage-looking" set.  But to completely rip off the entire design?  Pretty brazen.

Oh, the nameplate is on the bottom instead of the top?  Nevermind, it's totally original.

He also threw in this minor league autographed card of Buddy Carlyle.  Carlyle made his MLB debut with the Padres in 1999, but was originally drafted by the Reds, as evidenced by the Charleston Alley Cats uniform, a team in the Cincinnati organization.  He has bounced around a few teams, and has even had his contract sold to Japanese league teams twice.  My favorite stat of his (via wikipedia) is that he pitched an "Immaculate Inning" against the Padres in 2007, striking out the side with nine pitches.  

The second bubble mailer I received came from Duff, author of Bleedin' Brown and Gold, another Padre cardboard-themed blog.  

I don't know why I decided to photo these cards like this.  The Venable card in the middle was my favorite of these, and the Peavy is no slouch either.  Maybe I'm still harboring hurt feelings towards A-Gone and that's why his face is covered.  I'd go back and re-take this picture if they weren't already filed and bindered.

Duff also sent me a healthy stack of yellow cardboard, getting me closer to my quest for a complete set of 1991 Fleer.  Through an online handshake, the rest of the pieces to the set should be on their way.  Can't wait.

Last but not least, the envelope, from Brian, a reader of this here blog who happens to be a Pirates fan.

I'm assuming that he has doubles of this one, because this is a great shot of then-rookie shortstop Pedro Ciriaco.  I like being able to see my cards right side up when they're in my binders, but shots like this are worth craning my neck to see.

Since Ciriaco is now a Padre (for the time being), I had mentioned earlier that I wanted a few of his cards.  I knew how awesome his rookie card looked, and Brian also included the Heritage card from the same year.  Both sharp looking.  I wasn't excited when Ciriaco joined the Padres, but a great opening week from him got me onboard with the trade.  It seems that he's come back to earth, though he still has a .295 average since coming to San Diego.  I'd still like Everth Cabrera back, please.

For good measure, Brian threw in a few Padres from this year's set.  I kinda like the set up of the red and white borders with the blue Padres logo, very patriotic.  Brian mentioned that Series 2 had a lot of Padres in their Sunday-best camo uniforms, and I didn't even photograph the red bordered Huston Street card (also in camo).  I guess it makes sense, since most pictures used in cards are taken from day games, and most (if not all) Sunday games in San Diego are day games, when the Padres salute the military with their uniforms.

I'm not crazy about the many many parallels in this year's flagship set, but I think it would be kinda cool to have a camouflaged border card of a Padre in a camouflaged uniform.  I might not even see the card at all in my binder.

Thanks to Brad, Duff, and Brian for a great weekend of great cardboard.  I hate to cram all the goodness into one post, but I hate getting behind in trade posts.  Gotta show my love to the community of bloggers (and readers) who make posting on here even more enjoyable.

Oh, there was a sweet Jedd Gyorko card that I posted about yesterday that probably came from one of these fine fellows, but I don't know who sent it.  These cards can sometimes grow legs and change stacks.

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  1. Try the calendars binders for horizontal cards. They have 8 spots per page. It will make the landscape photos look awesome and you don't have to be craning your neck ;)