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Monday, June 3, 2013

From MY Archives

I haven't seen a ton of posts on this year's rendition of Topps Archives, but I guess it's still new, people haven't had the time to get out and check it out yet.  I guess those might be people who have "lives".  Stop rubbing it in our faces, people!

Anyways, if you read my post yesterday, you'll probably know that I'm not a huge fan of it, though I do like the concept.  It's all in the execution for me.  One of my biggest gripes is the lack of Padres (only two of the 200 card base set are Friars, and one of those guys isn't playing anymore - he's in the Hall of Fame).  I figured that if I wanted to see Padres in the designs from this year's Archives, I'd have to dig through my own personal archives; my "Miscellaneous Padres" binder.

Of all of the binders that I have, this may be my most favorite.  As of last count, it has 732 different cards of 207 different players.  These are players that aren't a part of my "Player Collection" binder (all the guys listed on the right side of the blog) and cards that aren't part of my "Team Set" binder (I'm not looking to complete any of the team sets from the years that Topps is featuring in this year's Archives).

So, without further ado, here is a look into the Backstop Cards Archives of Miscellaneous Padres!  Enjoy the ride.

EDIT: I'll start this off by saying that I am not really interested in completing any of these team sets, and my selection of cards from these years isn't very extensive - by choice.  That's just how I roll.

First up, the 1990 set.  I almost went with one of the Andy Benes cards from this set (he was in the base set and the Pro Debut set), but he's officially been added to the Player Collection binder, so we'll go with The Bipper.  Love the action shot, the blue name plate and team header look good with the red/orange border.  Like this look, really pops.

Next up is GOOSE!  Man, this photo looks blurry, the "SD" is hardly noticeable.  If I decide to change up the photo before clicking "publish", I'll remember to erase what I'm writing here and add something else.  If it's still blurry, you'll know that I was too lazy to change it.  Anyways, love the brown and yellow bottom border of this set, and the swinging Friar is a great touch.  This is the logo that is on the background of my work computer, in case you were wondering.  Coincidentally, Goose is included in this years' Archives, but he's in the 1990 design and he's a... Yankee.  Even still, that'll be one that I'll be on the lookout for.

Okay, this is probably my least favorite card in this tour of the archives.  Noteworthy, however is that this is Garry Templeton's first Topps card as a Padre.  This, of course, was taken after he was traded from the Cardinals to the Padres in the Ozzie Smith trade.  Not a whole lot going on in this photo.  The green and brown is a pretty unattractive combination.

I've mentioned before that I don't really like the 1972 set.  For me, this card is an example of how a good subject can make up for a design that's less than stellar.  I will say that the blue and green border isn't as much as an eyesore as some of the other color combinations found in the set.  Easily my favorite base card from the '72 set (at least from what I have so far).  I also like on the back of Bob Barton's card, it says that he lives in my hometown of Poway, CA.  And he's not the only Padre to call it home.

Anyways, there you have it, a peek into the heavily guarded archives here at Backstop Cards.  Be sure to tip your tour guides, comment if you have any questions or responses, and if you would like a refund of your ticket, please see our receptionist, Helen Waite.  Once again, if you have a problem, please go to Helen Waite.


  1. Tremendous post; I love the concept! Jealous that I did not think of something like it myself.

    Thank you for taking us into the Backstop vault. Helen is giving me the evil eye, though...

  2. Good idea for a post. Love the cards you selected.

  3. Nice post! The Goose is one of my favorites from the '85 set.